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How to duplicate articles for unlimited money

Looking to earn some extra cash or just want to never run out of ammo again? Well you have come to the right place as we will walk you through the latest item duplication problem that will make you rich in minutes!

WARNING: This duplication problem is known to cause important issues and has the potential to corrupt your Cyberpunk 2077 save. If your inventory becomes excessively full and your backup file becomes more than 8 MB in size, your current backup file will be corrupt.

  • For even more information, check out our full article which details everything you need to know about the corruption error!

To perform the unlimited item duplication issue, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Before starting this duplication issue, we strongly recommend that you record your game.
  • Once your game is saved, head to any Drop point terminal and open the store.
  • Sell ​​the items that you want to duplicate and proceed to close store menu.
  • Now that the store is closed, reopen the store by pressing the following commands at even time – getting the timing right is essential for this method to work:
    • Playstation: Triangle and options
    • Xbox: Select and Y
    • PC: Escape and R
  • In order to confirm that you were successful in causing the problem, check if the store UI has distorted and the menu background is slightly transparent. If your screen looks like ours below, you’ll know the problem is ready!
  • With the malfunction, proceed to repurchase the items you just sold.

And that’s it, it’s really that simple! While we very careful Anyone trying this method, we recommend that you buy the duplicate items in small quantities and sell them frequently enough to avoid encountering potential issues that could corrupt your save file.

How to quickly tap into experience, XP skills, and Street Cred

Using this method, you can quickly plot a route through a certain location in Night City where enemies quickly respawn to gain tons of experience by defeating them with any weapon of your choice.


Note: Your base build for this XP farm should include a set of projectile arms with Tranquilizer cartridges installed, and any weapon you want to passively upgrade on hand. Projectile arms and tranquilizer bullets can be purchased from the ripperdoc in Heywood.

Simply install the arms and add the tranquilizer towers to the cyberware menu. Then your game difficulty to the hardest, go to the location in Pacifica shown in the attached screenshots, and loop through. Enemies will keep spawning and with this method you can average one level every 5-10 minutes on this farm.

You’ll also get a massive amount of Street Cred for each kill so you can max it to 50 in no time. The added benefit of this race is that it gives you experience with any weapon you choose to level up. You can make this farm with shotguns, handguns, melee abilities… you get the idea.

Because the tranq turn is a one-hit KO, then you can get incredibly easy experience points just by shooting the neutralized enemies on the ground.As well as being able to upgrade your gear, you also get a huge amount of craft loot you can pick up after a few circle loops. You just have to pick it up and take it apart to get a huge amount of crafting materials.

Get a permanent Ripperdoc discount on Cyberware

There are plenty of Ripperdocs who live all over Night City who can install various expensive cyberware – but only one of them has something to hide and will do anything to avoid getting caught.

One of the Ripperdocs from Watson is located just north of Kabuki Square and his name is Charles Bucks. When you first walk into his shop and browse his selection, V may ask where he got such good, expensive items, and Charles will nervously say that his supplies like to remain anonymous.

After Act 2 starts, go back to the shop and start snooping. There is a locked door in his store that can be hacked to open remotely – but if your intelligence is too low, you can also head to the other side of the large building to find a loading dock – where the local fixer should also tell you. about a nearby gig to find a laptop of a missing person named Alois.

From the loading dock, you should be able to go through one of the open doors or windows on the second floor, and inside you’ll find a bunch of Scavs. Kill them all and head to the basement to find a connecting room the Ripperdoc, where the Scavs harvest bodies and give the cyberware to Charles. To get even more confirmation, search for an open laptop near the operating table to find a message from Charles himself.

After killing the Scavs, go back to Charles and he will get incredibly nervous, and you can tell him what you found in the basement. When he tries to plead his innocence, let him know you found his emails, and he’ll beg you to look the other way – offering to use your time.

If you choose to take this obvious bribe, you’ll get a 20% discount on all the cyberware it sells. This can be a huge boon for you if you really want to install more cyberware, as it sells a lot of items that other Ripperdocs are also selling – only its own will be much cheaper – including the various arm upgrades.

Earn unlimited money and crafting experience

If you’re looking to make money on the easy, look no further than the dozens of vending machines dotted around Night City. Specifically, you will want to find the machines selling items for 10 tourbillons each (not $ 5 items)

Once you have located one of these vending machines, purchase all available items until they are sold out.

Collect all the items you bought from the floor and add them to your inventory.

Now open your inventory and find the items you just purchased. At this point you want take them all apart to get common and unusual crafting materials.

Unlock the Mechanical craft advantage will give you more crafting materials from item disassembly. It is recommended that you spend one of your advantage points to maximize your profits.

Then head to your Crafting menu and as unusual craftsmanship (green) weapons like you can with the resources you have obtained. You will earn Crafting EXP for each weapon crafted, which adds up very quickly and can be used to earn Unlimited Crafting XP.

Look for items that sell the most. You can see the selling price of each item by hovering over it before making it.

Finally, head to a vendor or drop station to sell your newly made weapons for a big profit.

Using the Nekomata rifle in the photo above as an example, we were able to earn $ 78 Eddies for each (as it cost $ 100 Eddies for 10 soda cans used to craft materials). If you buy as many cans as you can in town and sell dozens of weapons it’s an incredibly quick and easy way to earn unlimited money while exploring Night City.

Earn infinite money with Space Oddity glitch

> First of all, check your quest log to make sure you’ve completed the first main story mission Act 2, Play for time, where you meet Takemura in the restaurant.

Then go to this place in Holy Sunday, a gas station with a homeless camp. If the Space Oddity mission marker appears, you know you’ve found the right one.

Approach the men standing at the table and engage in negotiations, aggressive or not. Passing them will allow you to either break into the laptop with your wits or go to a place the homeless have told you to scan a dead man for a code.

Once you have the location of the laptop, follow the waypoint to an area with seven soldiers. Take them out using any means necessary and claim your prize at the central capsule. And don’t worry about the Scrapper advantage. The paint you receive is not classified as junk, so it will not be removed automatically. Then find the nearest drop box.

At this point, you just need to sell the board for 4000, exit the dropdown, reopen it, and buy the board back for 5 swirls. Sell ​​it again for 4000, take it out of the drop box, return it and buy it back for 5.

And that’s all! Rinse and repeat until the drop box runs out of cash, then go find another one.

Where to find Skippy, the talking weapon

To find Skippy, make a quick trip to College St. Heywood. From there you’ll travel south towards a question mark on the map indicating an optional side mission.

The location is shown below for reference.

As you approach the destination, you will find a stack of cardboard balls. Get on it and go through the door.

On your left, you’ll find a corpse, as well as an open briefcase containing Skippy.

Skippy is, quite unexpectedly, a talking gun with quite a personality of its own. When you pick it up you will have a short chat with the pistol. Whatever you do, don’t try to change its name …

Skippy also appears to be a fan of Rihanna. Happy that his legacy continues in 2077.

Which parameter to choose for Skippy

Skippy will end the conversation by asking you if you want his auto-targeting features to be lethal (Stone Cold Killer mode) or non-lethal (Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode).

Stone Cold Killer: Automatically aims for the head.
Puppy Lover Pacifist: Aim Automatically legs.

Skippy is an incredibly powerful and unique smart gun that adapts to the level of the user.


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