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As you explore the space station, you are going to find a lot of unnecessary garbage to collect. Broken electronics, lemon peels and other assorted trash – what is it for? It turns out that you will soon find machines called Recyclers that allow you to convert them elements in stackable materials.

With these materials in hand, you can place them in a Fabricator for usable 3D printing. elements – things like weapons, Ammo, and Med Kits can all be crafted if you find the crafting blueprints. Always make sure to pick up trash and recycle it whenever you are near a recycler – or if you have a recycling load in reserve.

Take this apart, fix that

One of the first human abilities you can get Neuromods is the repair skill – which allows you to restore functionality on some machines – and later on turrets and operators. These cost spares to run, and while you’ll find a lot of them hidden away, the biggest source of spares can come from the teardown skill.

Once you have it, you can easily disassemble any additional items weapons you find to win more spare parts – and you will find many more weapons lying around, usually on the bodies of fallen crew members. You can even make weapons as the key just so you can take them apart for parts!

Don’t let any mimicry escape your sight

Imitations can be a real pain early in the game – before you find your psychoscope to be able to detect them. However, your combination has a hidden function that is not well documented. By zooming in on your vision using the associated button, you can mark an enemy target with a red arrow that will remain marked even outside of your vision.


This becomes very useful if you see a Mimic before it notices you – so that if it runs away you can find it easily. You can also do this in combat if you need to retreat – mark it quickly and fall back.

Chew your Food

There are many ways to restore your health in Prey – and the best is through eating food get over. However, if you are not in a life-threatening situation, consider taking the time to eat just one. food article and wait. Eating food gives you a well-nourished bonus and you will slowly regenerate your health for a few seconds.

If you’re trying to make every item count, eating food and waiting for the bonus to end before eating again can maximize your health gain with minimal. elements lost.

Be creative with Weapons

While some weapons you can find on the Talos 1 can unleash hell – there are other less practical weapons that could be better used in other situations.

Weapons like the GLOO Cannon and the Huntress Ball Launcher don’t deal actual damage – but still have their unique uses. For example, not only can the GLOO cannon immobilize enemies, it can also be used to create climbing platforms, as it can stick to almost any surface (except itself). If you see a platform or floor that you can’t reach, try building a series of stairs using the GLOO cannon and see where it takes you!

The Huntress Boltcaster shoots foam darts which may seem like a waste, but they can also be used to distract enemies, allowing you to either sneak up or get a surprise attack from behind. They can even be used to trigger buttons or screens from a distance: see a door locking mechanism behind broken glass? Shoot, or try a smart shot to ricochet off the right button, and save on other infiltrations neuromods!

Do not neglect the follow-up of the crew

When you visit the many security stations on Talos 1, you will have the option to use the Crew Tracker to see a list of all employees and guests on or around Talos 1. You can see if they are listed as dead or alive – which can give you a clue as to whether you are going to see friends or foes in future regions.

Many of the crew also have elements on them when they’re dead, things like Key cards or weapons – so it’s worth checking to see if there are any hiding places around your area, as this places a marker on the map as to their exact location.

Do not spread Neuromods Too thin

When you have your firsts NeuromodsIt can be tempting to try and be a hacker engineer who can also lift heavy objects and use combat focus – but beware when trying to be a master of None. Often there is more than one way to get around the Talos 1, so if you can’t hack something you can find a keycode or note later if you look closely enough. Try to focus on one or two methods of infiltration and a few combat skills instead of all at the same time.

This becomes even more important as you add Typhoon Powers into the mix, which unlocks more abilities to earn – it’s best to weigh your options and invest your Neuromods into key skill trees.

Out of inventory – Put away your loot

If you find yourself a bit of a pack rat – trying to collect all possible items and returning frequently to the Recycler to pawn your trash, consider putting away some of your less important items. elements a way,

Prey containers will contain elements it doesn’t matter where you’re traveling, and by hitting the search button when looking at a container, you’ll be presented with your inventory and the inventory of the item you’re looking for. You can transfer some non-essential items or weapons that you don’t need right now but don’t want to recycle, and come back for them later. Places like Morgan’s office or other areas near recyclers – or central areas that you will return to frequently are a great place to store these items. Consider leaving a few weapons or food behind for when you really need it.

wash your hands

A free way for Morgan to regain health is to interact with certain water sources: Water Fountains, Sinks, and Water Fountains will all heal Morgan from one point. If you need to improve your health, stop in a bathroom and activate all three sinks for a quick recovery.


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