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Tips and Tricks – Wiki Guide Among Us

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Among us it’s really a game of two halves, like how to win as a teammate and how to win as an impostor. For that reason, we’ve separated the tips here into two categories, so no matter what you’re playing, you can get the upper hand.

We are also here for you if you want to know the basics of how to play among us, or if you want to know the best settings for Among us too.

Complete tasks

It seems basic, but that’s how you win. Try to accomplish a group of tasks in one area at a time. This will not only allow you to better monitor an area, but also to do a lot of things efficiently.

Tasks are crucial for victory as a teammate. The entire crew must either complete all tasks before the impostor kills everyone or vote all impostors.

Take breaks between tasks

Yes, this contradicts the advice above, but make sure you don’t focus on the tasks, otherwise you will never find the impostor.


Be aware of your lines of sight

Most tasks take up the entire screen, leaving you blind, and some take a long time. Be aware not to do this if someone suspicious is around.

Consider doing the tasks that you know will take the most time first when you have the best chance of being around a lot of people.

Safety in numbers

Traveling with someone you trust means it’s much harder for an impostor to kill you, but you might well partner up with an impostor yourself. Walk carefully. If you can be with more than one other person, you will probably be better off.

Let someone see you do a visual task

Most tasks aren’t visual – as others can’t tell if you’re doing them – but a few are. Digitization in MedBay, for example. If someone sees you, they know you are not an impostor.

Keep an eye out for people who are also doing critical jobs. For example, if you are about to fix lights or power, remember who was there before you and write down whether or not they completed the task before you had a chance. Did anyone come after completing the task? Almost more important, who hasn’t come?

To ask questions

Many accusations fly in the chat, but beware, impostors often accuse someone of innocent. Don’t just follow the first accusation, it could be impostors trying to thin the herd.

Keep an eye

Strange behavior isn’t necessarily an impostor, but it’s definitely worth noting mentally.

Strange behaviour:

  • Standing by the vents for no reason
  • Standing in the corners of a room away from tasks
  • Not being able to clearly articulate the tasks they were working on during a tour
  • Find excuses not to finish things for reasons outside the game
  • Stay in only one or two rooms where there are not many stains
  • Stand near doors but do not enter rooms frequently

Some of these actions could be done just because a player is inexperienced. Be careful though!


Don’t be afraid to skip a vote if no one has convinced you, the way to victory is through completing tasks.

Know the map

This is necessary to get the fastest route to complete tasks and also to respond to sabotage. Fortunately, we have a full breakdown of tasks on The Skeld, tasks on Mira HQ, and tasks on Porus.

Try to blend in

Know where tasks take place. This is the most important part of being a credible “teammate” as an impostor! Pretend you’re doing chores (and let people see you) while standing and waiting. The game even gives you fake ones, so you don’t duplicate someone else’s tasks.

When giving your alibi, be sure to mention what “tasks” you did and where. Just giving out where you were on the tour isn’t convincing. If you can save them with specific tasks, you will be much more convincing.

You can learn the tasks of each card by playing in the practice mode. Definitely take the time to do this if you are trying to find experienced best friends.

I accuse!

There is often little time to discuss the impostor after a body is found, so try to cast suspicion elsewhere. Don’t be too obvious (e.g. don’t say you saw them kill when they obviously didn’t), but try to upset the balance.

Follow a charge

Sometimes a teammate will blame the wrong person. When that happens, you want to double that up and bring them out. With multiple imposters, you can even team up and blame.

Watch the kill counter

You can’t kill when you want because there is a recovery timer. Don’t try to kill if that means following someone for 15 seconds.

Be strategic about who you kill. If someone accused you of being an impostor, it might be more fishy if they suddenly found themselves dead on the next turn.


Lock players, trigger faults … anything to delay them in accomplishing their tasks. Locking players together can also raise suspicion. Do this strategically. Maybe even lock yourself up with someone you born plan to kill to keep you safe.

Set traps

If you sabotage the O2 in The Skeld, for example, you know your teammates are going to rush there. But some will ignore the alarm and work on their tasks on the other side, aware that other teammates will take care of it. You can linger away from the sabotage in the hope that someone unattended will pass.

Evacuate with caution

Vents are a great way to get around, especially if you’ve trapped someone in a room, but if someone sees you, they know you’re the impostor. The animation for an impostor coming out of a vent is very obvious if anyone sees it.

Don’t be afraid to act weird

Everyone is trying to figure out the impostor, so everyone is going to wander around a bit. Don’t be afraid to be a little weird, especially if you’re playing with IRL friends and having a few games.


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