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Maneater is a simple game about a shark seeking to eat literally everything it can – but it’s also about revenge and overcoming incredible obstacles through water battles.

Even with its principles and simple controls, there is a lot to learn if you want to become a vicious killing machine, and we’ve compiled all the best tips and tricks to help you on your way.

General advice

  • Remember Your ABCs – Always Be Chompin! As you move from goal to goal, there is hardly ever a reason to constantly swallow the fish you encounter along the way. The more nutrients you devour, the faster you will evolve, level up, and get stronger. It will also allow you to upgrade your mutations faster when you find them, and heal yourself between attacks from other creatures or hunters.
  • There are 4 types of nutrients: fat (yellow) is mostly found in most docile fish, minerals (blue) mostly found in turtles, protein (red) mostly found in most aggressive sea creatures and humans , and the mutagen (green) found only in the rarest albino creatures. Obtaining any type will help you level up, and each mutation requires a different type to level up (although most of them require a mutagen to reach their maximum levels.

  • Your cave is a safe space – and you cannot be attacked by a man or sea creature inside. You can actually use this to your advantage, as any aggressive enemies following you into your cave can still be attacked, but they won’t retaliate. Free nutrients!
  • At first, when you are still a puppy and a teenager, you may encounter several hunted creatures in each region that easily surpass you in power. While you can level the playing field later by using mutations and evolution upgrades, you probably won’t have a lot of abilities early in the game, so be sure to avoid these enemies at all costs until to make you feel stronger. If a mission takes place in their vicinity, be quick and stealthy to try and swallow more submissive fish around them before they notice it.

  • Once you become an adult, you can use your tail to throw things that you have held onto. This can be incredibly versatile – as you can use it to open certain doors, throw hunters into the sea (or against each other), and throw fish at predators to knock them out. Once you’ve gotten past a particular aggressive fish, you’ll find that you can get attached to small critters – and throw them away if they pester you.
  • Humans are generally not good swimmers unless they have scuba gear – and injured hunters or other humans thrown into the water after being hit, forcibly thrown from an exploding ship or chewed, will likely drown on their own – and while they’re no longer a problem for you, you can use them as an easy snack while battling other hunters who are still active.


  • There are 3 main “sets” of mutations – The Bone Set, Bio-Electric Set and Shadow Set, as well as several organ mutations. The bone set is obtained by beating top predators and is usually best for boat combat. The Bioelectric Set is obtained by defeating named Bounty Hunters as you increase your infamy, and is generally great for stuning multiple attacking marine predators. The shadow set is earned by getting the landmark collectibles, and works well against either type of enemy, due to its speed boost, poison blasts, and life steal attacks.
  • Once you start finding “bodily” mutations, you can activate special powerups which are loaded by eating enough food. If you know you’re about to battle an Apex Predator or lure in bounty hunters, first have your powerup ready to activate when needed.

  • Using different movements will make certain parts of your body glow – depending on your evolution and the mutations that affect it: like the fins that glow when dodging, the head and body glow when you rush and the tail glow. when you whip the tail.

Combat Tips

  • You will eventually be able to outrun any enemy chasing you – but you can expect to be chased and attacked multiple times trying to escape. For this reason, it is often essential that you turn your camera to face behind you when fleeing so that you are ready to escape at any time. A successful escape usually means your enemy will need a moment to recover, which will give you more time to escape.

  • Fighting against other sea creatures is pretty straightforward, but some techniques are easy to overlook. Enemies will often alternate between quick attacks and slower charges before rushing at you, or whipping their tails if you get too close. Many times when an enemy charges and after he rushes his body glows – indicating that he is vulnerable. If you hit those spots, you can deal bonus damage, interrupt them with tail swings, or even attach to enemies smaller than you and crush them.

  • When fighting enemies at or above your level – especially predators at the top – trying to match them blow-for-blow probably won’t help. Instead, let them make the first move, dodge and strike a few times, then back up a short distance and be ready to dodge again.
  • During fights, the more docile fish tend to scatter, but they can always be found nearby – wait until after you dodge or stun an opponent to seek a quick meal to regain health in a tough fight.

  • Remember that your lockdown is not a permanent move – it only allows you to turn around to face your current attacker. It can take a long time to get used to, as you will need to get into the habit of panning the camera to face your attacker, dodging their incoming attack, quickly locking into their new position, and hit quickly before he recovers or keep rushing. If you are facing multiple attackers, try to keep as many as possible in front of you, otherwise you risk getting hit from all sides.
  • If you are able to throw a predator out of the water (using your tail whip attack), it won’t be able to retaliate until it reaches the water again – but you can chase it and continue. to attack.

  • Holding the button down to throw something into your mouth will slow down time, allowing you to carefully choose your target – which is especially useful in the midst of multiple hunting boats, so you can neutralize someone shooting at you while pushing one of his friends correctly. on them.
  • Hunters can overwhelm you if you are not careful and focus entirely on one boat. Make sure to rush between them and use your whip or throw to quickly empty the boats – as they will usually be powerless in the water and quickly drown if they are already injured. You can munch on them to regain health during combat, but your goal should be to deactivate the ships as quickly as possible.

  • Bigger boats tend to have hunters attacking from guarded spaces – so you’ll have to jump and land on the boat and struggle to destroy the top and expose them.
  • If you need to get away from the hunters quickly, head to deeper water where they can’t follow your movements, or enter gates and sewers where they can’t follow until they get you. quickly forget.

Exploration tips

  • Don’t underestimate your shark’s ability to jump on land. You can last a surprisingly long time above water, and when your O2 runs out you will start to lose health until you get back underwater. However, not only can you leave the water for a quick human snack, but you can also use the earth to keep away from other predators and give them the slip if another water source is nearby.
  • At the start of Maneater, you won’t be able to progress until you’ve grown into a teenager or the bigger adult needed to break down some barriers – but when you reach the Golden Shores, you’re basically able to explore the rest of the world. . map if you want – just be sure to avoid the more powerful predators that live in the open water!
  • After growing from teenager to adult, or adult to senior, be sure to go back to the previous regions for any gates that you couldn’t open before – as they may hide new ones. collectibles or shortcuts to other regions.

  • As you level up, you’ll be able to increase the distance you can split out of the water – and you might be able to jump multiple times. With this you can swim out of the water or jump off the surface (first jump), then jump or lunge two more times!

  • There are many caves and underwater sewers in Maneater, and it can be easy to get lost and confused in the narrow waterways. As a general rule, note that openings or tunnel passages will always be surrounded by yellow lights.


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