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Tom Brady’s Super Bowl History: Biggest Wins and Losses, Overall Record, Stats Per Game

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Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl? Wow, what a shock!

With another Super Bowl spot this year, the Buccaneers quarterback has now reached the big game in 10 of his 21 seasons in the NFL. Brady was not the starter in his first professional campaign and tore his ACL in Week 1 of the 2008 season, so he’s essentially shooting over 50% for his career.

As a member of the Patriots, the 43-year-old won six Super Bowl rings, the best of any player in NFL history. He also holds several Super Bowl records that may never be touched – and he won’t add them until Sunday.

Before Brady and the Bucs fight Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55, let’s take a look back at GOAT’s incredible Super Bowl CV.

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Super Bowl 36: Patriots 20, Rams 17

Brady’s Statistics: 16 assists in 27, 145 yards, one TD, zero INT, 86.2 rating (Super Bowl MVP)

In his first Super Bowl appearance, Brady helped the Patriots shed the Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf”. With no downtime and less than two minutes on the clock, Brady led New England on the field, establishing the 48-yard field goal for Adam Vinatieri.

Not a bad start, eh?

Super Bowl 38: Patriots 32, Panthers 29

Brady’s Statistics: 32 passes on 48, 354 yards, three touchdowns, one INT, 100.5 ratings (Super Bowl MVP)

The storyline was slightly different, but Brady had a similar ending on his second Super Bowl trip. With the game tied 29-29, Brady completed a one-minute drill to put Vinatieri in position for another buzzer-beater.

Super Bowl 39: Patriots 24, Eagles 21

Brady’s Statistics: 23 passes on 33, 236 yards, two touchdowns, zero INT, odds 110.2

Three for three. Brady beat Donovan McNabb, whose last shot of desperation was repelled by Rodney Harrison to seal a Patriots victory. New England wide receiver Deion Branch took home MVP honors after catching 11 passes from Brady for 133 yards.

Super Bowl 42: Giants 17, Patriots 14

Brady’s Statistics: 29 passes in 48, 266 yards, one TD, zero INT, 82.5 ratings

Look elsewhere, Patriots fans.

Brady’s first Super Bowl loss was his most painful. The Pats entered the contest in hopes of putting the finishing touches on a perfect season, but the New York defense pressured Brady throughout the game, sacking him five times and limiting New England to just 14. points. In the Giants’ last offensive practice, Eli Manning hooked up with David Tyree on the “Helmet Catch” and then found Plaxico Burress in the end zone for the winning touchdown.

Super Bowl 46: Giants 21, Patriots 17

Brady’s Statistics: 27 passes on 41, 276 yards, two touchdowns, one INT, 91.1 odds

As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu once again.”

New England took a 17-9 lead in the second half, but New York responded with 12 unanswered points to take the lead late in the fourth quarter. Brady guided the Patriots through midfield during the team’s last practice, giving New England a Hail Mary opportunity. Unfortunately for the Pats, Rob Gronkowski couldn’t catch the downfall of football.

Manning 2, Brady 0. Who saw this coming?

Super Bowl 49: Patriots 28, Seahawks 24

Brady’s Statistics: 37 passes on 50, 328 yards, four TDs, two INTs, 101.1 rating (Super Bowl MVP)

Brady rebounded from two Super Bowl losses, totaling over 300 yards and four scores en route to his third MVP award. However, this game is remembered not for what Brady did, but rather for what the Seahawks did not.

Down four points with the ball over New England 1 and just seconds to go, Seattle chose to pass instead of passing to Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson was then kidnapped by Malcolm Butler, securing a victory for the Patriots and leaving Seahawks fans furious.

Super Bowl 51: Patriots 34, Falcons 28 (OT)

Brady’s Statistics: 43 passes on 62, 466 yards, two touchdowns, one INT, 95.2 rating (Super Bowl MVP)

So many jokes 28-3. SO MUCH.

With 8:31 on the clock in the third quarter, Atlanta took this famous 25-point lead. The Pats then stormed back to win in overtime behind a stellar performance from Brady, who added the No. 4 Super Bowl MVP to his trophy room. Never count “Touchdown Tom”.

Super Bowl 52: Eagles 41, Patriots 33

Brady’s Statistics: 28 passes for 48, 505 yards, three TD, zero INT, 115.4 odds

Although he finished with the best Super Bowl stat line of his career, Brady left the field disappointed after that game was concluded. He could have used a few saves from his defense, which was struggling to contain. . . Nick Foles?

Yes, the Eagles QB played the game of his life, totaling 373 yards and three touchdowns and catching a TD pass on his way to being named Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl 53: Patriots 13, Rams 3

Brady’s Statistics: 21 passes for 35, 262 yards, zero touchdowns, one INT, 71.4 odds

Oof, just a lousy game.

The Patriots and Rams struggled to score, but New England did enough to come out victorious. It marked Brady’s only Super Bowl appearance without a touchdown pass, although he didn’t seem to care much as he solidified his GOAT status with a record-breaking Super Bowl sixth ring.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Stats

  • Record: 6-3
  • Passing yards: 2838 *
  • Achievements: 256 *
  • Success attempts: 392 *
  • Percentage of completion: 65.3
  • Passage of touchdowns: 18 *
  • Interceptions: 6

* Super Bowl record.


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