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Top 10 active players on NBA Top Shot

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The NBA Top Shot has shown a steady increase in popularity since going live in October 2020. The blockchain-based platform has registered Sales worth over $ 206 million in recent months, and has official support from the NBA and the NBA Players’ Association. Miami Heat 21-year-old shooting guard Tyler Herro is the face and voice of the platform.

The constant increase in the value of Unique Top Shot “momentsTranslated into NBA fans around the world rushing to splurge. However, there are quite a few NBA players who have not only been associated with the NBA Top Shot, but also have their own profiles.

In this article, we take a look at the top 10 active NBA stars who are currently in the NBA Top Shot. Platform.

Top 10 active stars with their own profiles on NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot allows users to buy, sell and trade video clips as moments with specific non-fungible tokens attached to each. The official support, along with the existence of countless NBA stars who have their own profiles, has only added to the overall popularity.

Specific NBA players have their own profiles, as well as specific times they could have been featured.

# 10 Terrence Ross

Although he has been reduced to a bench role in recent seasons, Terrence Ross has had a hugely influential campaign on the bench for the Orlando Magic. Terrence Ross has seen his team at the front desk for several NBA Top Shot moments so far, and has a total of 24 NBA moments to his name.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Terrence Ross, Dunk, January 18, 2020, rare, $ 10,008

Anthony Davis, Dunk, January 5, 2021, Common, $ 1,000

# 9 Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall didn’t start as many games as he did for the Golden State Warriors in the 2019-20 NBA season, but has occasionally impressed from the bench. The 24-year-old has his own profile on NBA Top Shot and only has 5 moments in common so far.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Eric Paschall, Dunk, November 25, 2019, Common

Draymond Green, Assist, January 4, 2021, common

# 8 Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes won the NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2015 and is currently plying his trade for the Sacramento Kings. Barnes has started each of the 30 games he’s been in, averaging 16.2 points and 6.2 rebounds. He has a total of 29 NBA Top Shot moments, including a rare one.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Harrison Barnes, 3 points, December 29, 2020, Rare

Luka Doncic, Assist, January 4, 2021, common

# 7 Ivica Zubac

Ivica Zubac played second violin for Serge Ibaka for much of the 2020-21 NBA season. He’s been helpful defensively and is averaging 8.2 points per game. Zubac is hoping to help his team lead a deep playoff series and has been very active on the NBA Top Shot as well.

He has a total of 29 Top Shot moments.

Ivica Zubac in action for the LA Clippers
Ivica Zubac in action for the LA Clippers

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Ivica Zubac, Dunk, September 3, 2020, Common

Ivica Zubac, Dunk, December 22, 2020, Common

# 6 Malik Beasley

Malik Beasley had had a truly impressive season, but has now been banned for 12 NBA games. He’s a good defenseman and averages over 20 points per game, but now he’ll have plenty of time to invest in the NBA Top Shot. He has 6 NBA Top Shot moments.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Malik Beasley, Dunk, January 1, 2021, Common

Jarret Culver, Dunk, December 27, 2020, Common

# 5 Seth Curry

Seth Curry has added much-needed shots to the Philadelphia 76ers roster, and they currently look set for a serious title charge. He is currently shooting from the 3-point zone with a brilliant 44.9% and averaging 12.7 points per game. Seth Curry only has 4 NBA Top Shot moments.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Joel Embiid, Jump Shot, December 26, 2020, Common

Dwight Howard, Dunk, January 7, 2021, Common

# 4 Fred VanVleet

The Toronto Raptors were very impressive in the 2020-21 NBA season and are currently 4th in the Eastern Conference. Fred vanvleet was the only consistent one, starting every game and impressing on both sides of the pitch. VanVleet has a total of 9 NBA Top Shot Moments.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Fred VanVleet, 3 points, December 31, 2020, Common

Fred VanVleet, Steal, February 5, 2021, Common

# 3 CJ McCollum

Portland Trailblazers ace CJ McCollum is another player who is currently producing some of the best basketball of his career. McCollum hopes to lead his team into the playoffs and has also been a regular NBA Top Shot user. He has a total of 13 Moments.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

CJ McCollum, 3 points, December 26, 2020, Rare

CJ McCollum, Dunk, November 10, 2019, common

# 2 Terry Rozier

Another player who will have playoff ambitions this season, Terry Rozier, has always produced screens worthy of the stars. He’s averaging 20.6 points, 1.3 steals and 3.9 rebounds per game. In addition, Rozier is currently shooting at a career high 44.3% in the 3-point zone.

He has 28 NBA Top Shot moments, including a legendary one.

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Terry Rozier, 3 points, March 9, 2020, legendary

Gordon Hayward, Jump Shot, December 27, 2020, Common

# 1 Rudy Gobert

The numbers will still fail to convey the importance of Rudy Gobert’s impact on the teams. He reinstated himself as the NBA’s top defenseman this season and produced 14 points per game. Rudy Gobert has a total of 7 NBA Top Shot Moments.

Rudy Gobert led Utah Jazz to the top of the Western Conference
Rudy Gobert led Utah Jazz to the top of the Western Conference

NBA Top Shot Moments:

Rudy Gobert, Block, January 25, 2020, Common

Ben Simmons, Dunk, December 26, 2020, Common

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