Monday, July 15, 2024

TP-Link adds voice control to its new mesh WiFi router

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TP-Link is also releasing a set of Deco modules which, rather than incorporating voice, instead leverage WiFi 6E. This harnesses the power of the 6.0 GHz band that the FCC opened last spring and can now be used by networking companies for better bandwidth and lower latency. The Deco X96 and X76 Plus both use the faster standard, but only the X76 also has additional smart home features like Zigbee controls.

At the same time, the company is also launching a pair of Archer WiFi 6E spider routers, the AX206 and AX96. Both use WiFi 6E and boast of their antennas providing solid connectivity throughout your home and, for the AX206, the inclusion of 10 Gbps Ethernet ports. Naturally, TP-Link says its subscription security product, HomeShield, which costs $ 55 per year or $ 10 per month, can be used on these products. Unfortunately, we don’t know when you’ll be able to purchase them, or how much they’ll cost at this time.


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