Friday, March 31, 2023

Trae Young and Grayson Allen scramble on Twitter over suspected tripping incident

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Who stumbles? The answer could be Trae Young and Grayson Allen.

Allen, the third-year Grizzlies goaltender, developed a pretty negative reputation for allegedly tripping opponents on the basketball court, dating back to his days at Duke, and it seems to have followed him to the NBA.

Saturday’s game potentially showed more ways of tripping Allen in the Hawks’ 122-112 win over the Grizzlies, and Atlanta star Trae Young took note. Young posted a GIF of Allen playing a little aggressive defense – perhaps a little too aggressive for Young’s liking.

Here’s a super-zoomed and slowed-down video of Allen maybe getting a little too zealous on D:

Allen took note and responded to Young with a bit of snark and a lot of sarcasm in a quote tweet from Young:

“Damn, that really really hurt,” Allen’s tweet read. “I’m sorry. I hope you’re okay.”

The two have a little back story, with Young getting a technical foul for pushing Allen in the back during a pre-season game just a week ago.

In fact, their history dates back even further, to 2018, when the two were rookies in the league and served at Ts to fight each other in a summer championship game.

Whether Allen’s attempt to trap was malicious or not, he may not have earned the benefit of the doubt, just given his history. But for the sake of everyone, I hope they all stop stumbling one way or the other.


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