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Turn on the time machine: the Blizzard Arcade collection arrives today

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To celebrate 30 years of Blizzard Entertainmente anniversary, we’ve reloaded three of the very first games we’ve ever developed – showcasing all the history, hard work, and love that went into making them – and added a few extras. So turn on the time machine and dive into the Blizzard Arcade Collection, available today on the Xbox Store! This commemorative collection includes The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Races, and Blackthorne – each faithfully reproduced for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

The Lost Vikings

Three dynamic Vikings – Erik the Quick, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout – have been kidnapped by the alien tyrant, Tomator. Help these momentarily lost marauders cut, crush, and solve challenging puzzles to escape Tomator’s mysterious spaceship and return home safely.

Rock N Roll Races

The Blizzard Arcade collection

Put your driving skills to the test in the most radiant race in the universe. Blast your way through hundreds of galactic tracks, then optimize your ride with all the mines, missiles, and jump jets you need to crush the competition and get rich space. It’s a rock ‘n roll rush that you won’t forget.


The Blizzard Arcade collection

Step into the boots of Kyle “Blackthorne” Vlaros – mercenary, lost prince of the planet Tuul, and an evil mule machine. With brute force, animal cunning, and a trusty shotgun, blast your way through terrifying monsters and hordes of goblins to defeat the evil Sarlac and free the Androthi people.

Improve inheritance

The Blizzard Arcade Collection includes two original editions of each game, recreating the experience of what it was like to play The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Races, and Blackthorne when they were first released on console systems in the 1990s (but with some much-needed modern conveniences like recording, loading, and rewinding).

It also contains new definitive editions of each game, combining all content from the original editions and providing additional upgrades like improved local multiplayer for The Lost Vikings, new songs and artist performances for Rock N Roll Races, a level card for Blackthorne, localization for 13 languages, and more.

The Blizzard Arcade collection

And finally, there’s the museum – a literal library of artifacts from the initial development and launch of these games, including concept art and box art, plus behind-the-scenes bonuses like interviews. of developers, gaming lore and original soundtracks.

Let the nostalgia begin

We hope you enjoy playing these classics as much as we worked on them yesterday and today. The Blizzard Arcade collection is available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S via backward compatibility, both as a standalone game or included in The Blizzard collection for the celebration of 30 years (which also provides epic birthday-themed game elements for Overwatch and Diablo III).


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