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TV presenter, driver shot dead in eastern Afghanistan | Asia



No claim of responsibility for the incident for which the person in charge of the channel blamed the “enemies of the country”.

A TV presenter and her driver were shot dead by unidentified people in Nangarhar province, eastern Afghanistan.

The attack took place at 7:10 a.m. [02:40 GMT] On Thursday, as journalist Malalai Maiwand and her driver were on their way to work in the city of Jalalabad, spokesman for provincial governor Attaullah Khogyani said.

Maiwand worked as a presenter for Enikass radio and television station in the unstable province, channel manager Zalmai Latifi told the dpa news agency.

She was also an activist who defended the rights of Afghan women and children.

Latifi blamed “enemies of the country” and said the channel had received death threats.

In 2017, several people, including a driver for the TV channel, were killed in an explosion near his building.

The following year, the station manager was kidnapped before being released later.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Thursday’s murder.

On Monday, the European Union mission in the country, as well as the NATO delegation in the Afghan capital, Kabul, condemned the recent wave of attacks against representatives of the media, religious leaders and civil society .

A joint statement said that “the Taliban and various terrorist organizations are responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties in Afghanistan.”

“We see them not only as savage attacks on Afghan blood, but as an attack on the peace process even in Afghanistan,” he added.

Afghanistan has been marked by deadly attacks on journalists. The country is one of the most dangerous countries for reporting, according to Reporters Without Borders.

Last year, at least 10 journalists and media personnel were killed in the country. The previous year had been the deadliest, with 20 journalists and media personnel murdered in various violent attacks.

Last month, Elyas Dayee and Yama Siawash, two prominent Afghan journalists, were killed in less than a week in Helmand province and Kabul.




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