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Twitter was plugged into a Handspring visor for some reason



In a curiosity that seduces the seven people who still have a working Handspring Visor PDA, Gizmodo points out that developer Jorge Cohen has come up with a solution bringing Twitter to the PalmOS device via its HotSync docking station. Sure, it’s “a bit buggy”, but it can be slippery since it works on a device released in 1999. How old is the Visor? Less than a year after the launch of Engadget, we were already write articles on the “old” device in 2005.

The Visor emerged as a spin-off of the Palm family long before social media sites connected the world and even before WiFi or cellular connections were standard feature. While modems were available as a hardware option that connected to the device’s expansion slot as a backpack, it was designed for an offline world – I would download today’s news at mine before I left for class in the morning and wasn’t getting any updates until I got back in the evening. In 2000, it still worked as a way to stay ahead of the news of the day without being tied to a radio or television.

Now the blessing / curse of real-time information flow has invaded even this monochrome device, proving that nothing can stay pure forever and giving me a reason to know where I put the handheld dock. Unfortunately, this madman won’t stop there – the MesagePad 120 and Apple Newton are the following.




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