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Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes respond after Scotty Miller claims he could beat Chiefs WR in race



Buccaneers wide receiver Scotty Miller is known for his elite speed. You just have to ask Packers defensive back Kevin King about that.

But is the 23-year-old the fastest player in the NFL? He certainly thinks so.

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During an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of “The Dan Patrick Show,” Miller was asked what would happen if he lines up against Chiefs Wideout Tyreek Hill in a race. Miller was very complimentary of Hill, but he thinks no one in the league can match him in terms of sheer speed.

“I take myself out, every day of the week,” Miller said. “I’m going to take on anybody. Tyreek is an incredible talent, super fast, incredible. But if we’re talking about a race, I mean, I’m completely confident to take on anybody.”

It didn’t take long for Hill to find the clip. The five-time Pro Bowler kept his response short and sweet: “Hell of a player, good for him.”

Dan Patrick asked Patrick Mahomes in a separate interview about Miller’s comments and if the bold claim would be used as scoreboard material for the Chiefs ahead of their Super Bowl 55 game with the Bucs, but the quarterback- Kansas City back shrugged.

“It’s an interesting take,” Mahomes said. “You have to be confident, though. I’ll give [Miller] this. . . . He’s a quick guy. He’s a great receiver, but I love my guy. “

Neither Miller nor Hill competed in the NFL Combine, so we can only compare numbers from their professional days. Miller ran the 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds, according to NFL.com, which is impressive. However, Hill pointed to 4.29 seconds, the fourth fastest brand among active NFL players.

Hill seems to have a slight advantage based on those times, but no one would object if both players want to have a pay-per-view event after the season is over.




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