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Uber and Lyft create shared database of banned drivers for assault



Uber and Elevator will work together to share information on U.S. drivers and delivery men accused of physical and sexual assault to ensure these people are banned on both platforms, the two companies said in separate blog posts Thursday. HireRight, a company specializing in background checks, will oversee the industry’s security sharing program database. Other shipping and delivery companies in the US will have the ability to contribute and access the database as long as they adhere to the same data accuracy and privacy policies that Uber and Lyft must follow. .

“We want to share this information with each other and hopefully in the near future with other companies, so that our peers in this space can be informed and make decisions for their own platforms to protect these platforms. -forms, ”Jennifer Brandenburger, head of Lyft policy development, said NBC News.

The database will not include information on victims. In addition, the incident that brought a driver into the database will fall into broad categories.

The creation of a common database of physical and sexual abusers is a major step for both companies. Uber and Lyft have been frequently and consistently criticized for doing too little to protect their passengers, especially if they are female, predatory drivers. When Uber released its first safety report in 2019, the company revealed that it had received nearly 6,000 reports of sexual abuse between 2017 and 2018. In 2019, 14 unnamed women sued Lyft, alleging that the company failed to conduct adequate background checks on its drivers. Finding a way to share the identity of contractors it had removed from its platform was one of the actions Uber said it would take in its safety report.




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