Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Uber sells autonomous driving unit to autonomous vehicle start-up Aurora

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As expected, Uber sells its standalone unit. Monday, the company confirmed the sale of its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) to Aurora Innovation, one of its now former competitors in the field of autonomous vehicles. As part of the deal, Uber will invest $ 400 million in Aurora, with CEO Dara Khosrowshahi joining the startup’s board. In fact, Uber is paying Aurora to get the division out of its hands. In the short term, the startup will use ATG’s expertise on an autonomous truck it is working on. Robot taxis will come later, with Uber licensed from Aurora technology.

“With the addition of ATG, Aurora will have an incredibly strong team and technology, a clear path to multiple markets and the resources to deliver,” said Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora. “Simply put, Aurora will be the company best positioned to provide the stand-alone products needed to make transportation and logistics safer, more accessible and less expensive.”


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