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Uganda ends house arrest of opposition leader Bobi Wine | Uganda News



The withdrawal of the security forces comes the day after a court called his detention since the January 14 elections “ illegal ”.

Ugandan troops have withdrawn from the home of opposition leader and pop star Bobi Wine, ending his house arrest since the January 14 election won by longtime President Yoweri Museveni.

The withdrawal of security forces, which the government said was intended for the protection of Bobi Wine, followed a court order on Monday.

The court called his house arrest “illegal”.

A Reuters news agency correspondent at the scene confirmed the move, although Bobi Wine has yet to appear by mid-morning at his large resort in a leafy northern suburb of the capital Kampala.

Bobi Wine, 38, had been under siege at his home since his vote in the presidential ballot where he rode a wave of youthful disillusionment to challenge Museveni’s 34-year reign.

The incumbent was declared the winner with 59% of the vote against 35% for Bobi Wine, who had for years denounced corruption and nepotism in his songs. The opposition rejected the result, alleging fraud the government denies.

With the election behind him and Bobi Wine’s fraud allegations failing to gain traction, Museveni appears to be calculating that he can ease pressure from Western allies to free his rival without significant risk to his power base.

Former rebel leader Museveni, 76, has long been an ally of the West, receiving plentiful aid and sending troops to sensitive areas, including Somalia, to fight armed groups.

But foreign governments are increasingly frustrated by his reluctance to cede power and the repression of opponents.




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