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Ultimate Ears Fits review: the most comfortable headphones ever

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That you run a marathon or watch Wandavision in bed, comfort is king when it comes to wireless earphones. Not only is a well-fitting pair less of a nuisance, but a good seal also has a dramatic impact on the sound quality of the headphones.

The engineers at Ultimate Ears know a thing or two about perfectly fitting headphones. For years, the company has manufactured custom headphones for world famous musicians on stage. The new Fits bring a taste of this bespoke life to everyone.

Insert the headphones into your ears, then cycle through a quick series of app-based prompts, and ultraviolet light inside the headphones activates, molding to either side of your ear canals. It sounds too good to be true, but it is not. I have been using my self-molded pair for months and these are the most comfortable wireless headphones I have ever tested.

Molding buds

The Fits look like AirPods with the part of the earbuds shifted halfway up the shaft. A tube on the outside of each bud contains the touch controls, mics, and other components, and the driver sits closer to the lower ear tips.

It might seem odd to place the ear tips in the middle of the stem, but this attachment point keeps them balanced in my ears better than Apple’s AirPods, which tend to tilt towards the floor over time.

Ultimate Ears adapts.

Photography: Ultimate Ears

I should warn you about the smell. The tips themselves are wrapped (to prevent premature molding), but break the seal and it will smell inside a dentist’s office. The smell dissipates quickly after the molding process.

Tailoring the headphones to a custom fit is as easy as peeling off the ear tips, putting them in your ears, and opening the Ultimate Ears Fits app. The in-app prompts will tell you what to do and when. The ear tips will then light up – as the ultraviolet light reacts with the unmolded tips to harden them – and you will feel the buds warm in your ears. Sixty seconds later, you’re done.

Equally ergonomic is the oval shaped charging case. It’s bigger than some others (to accommodate the large custom-molded ear tips), but not so big that it doesn’t easily fit into an average pocket or purse.

Great sound

A great bespoke seal means you get some pretty impressive passive noise reduction with the Fits. Plop the buds in your ears, and they reduce the sound of the outside world at least as well as the Jabra Elite 85t and other active noise reduction competitors.

The joint also has another advantage: excellent bass response. The fits seem to go lower and have more authoritative low end than similarly priced competitors, which makes sense given how well they fit. Even with the same drivers, better sealing almost always means better sound.


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