Wednesday, November 29, 2023

UN calls for push for low-carbon technology to avert climate catastrophe

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Emissions reduction targets or nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by global governments agreed to under the Paris Agreement are “woefully inadequate,” according to the UN. He says governments must commit to targets at least three times as ambitious to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius.

If there is one bright side to the report, it’s that the UN says the 2-degree target is still achievable if governments around the world commit to a “green recovery” upon exiting the crisis. pandemic. Policy initiatives like the Green New Deal could reduce emissions forecast in 2030 by up to 25%. By investing in zero-emission technologies, reducing fossil fuel subsidies, not building new coal-fired power plants, and launching ambitious reforestation projects, there is even a possibility that we can correct the trajectory towards the 1 target. , 5 degree, provided that governments act quickly enough.

Individuals, especially those living in developed countries, will also need to do their part. The emissions generated by the richest 1% – those earning more than $ 109,000 a year – of the world’s population are more than double the combined share of 50% of the world’s poorest. Then again, the right policy could make a difference, with the UN suggesting that governments should invest in incentives and programs that encourage people to ride bicycles, travel by train rather than air when possible, and make their homes more energy efficient.

“Everyone – from governments to businesses to individual consumers – must work together to resolve a growing crisis that will eclipse the impacts of COVID-19 in terms of scale and longevity.”


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