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UN rights chief asks France to remove part of the French security bill

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Michelle Bachelet says the controversial “section 24,” which would make it illegal to share police images, should be removed.

The UN human rights chief has urged France to withdraw a controversial part of its “comprehensive security bill” that would restrict the freedom to share images identifying police.

Michelle Bachelet called on Wednesday for the withdrawal of “article 24” from the security bill.

The article also drew criticism from human rights groups and activists who say filming cases of police brutality is crucial in holding officers to account.

The bill sparked a wave of street protests in France after the government introduced a security bill in parliament aimed at increasing its surveillance tools and restricting rights to broadcast images of police officers in media and online.

In a recent turnaround, the ruling party of French President Emmanuel Macron said it would rewrite “24”.

“The law must be discussed by the French,” Bachelet said at a press conference in Geneva.

“But it’s article 24, the one that really concerns us. And that’s why we mention that it should be reviewed and should be, I guess, removed. “


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