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UnderMine looks to change in February

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Undermine was one of the best hidden gems of 2020, and now Nintendo fans are discovering its goodness when it comes to Switch on February 11. The game originally launched for Xbox One (via Game Pass) and PC last August.

Change players can purchase UnderMine for $ 19.99. UnderMine comes from the two-man team at Thorium Entertainment and places players in the role of miners who must dig underground in search of riches, resources, and colorful characters, all in the name of serving your kingdom. The layout and design evokes the classic legend of Zelda with a top-down perspective and a dungeon-style layout for each floor. This includes bombarding weak walls, finding keys, and solving puzzles.

The treasures and dangers increase as players sink in, which includes taking on tough bosses. When players bite the dust, they return to serve with a new randomly generated miner and only keep a portion of their collected loot. So the cycle is all about trying to collect as many valuables as possible on each run in order to unlock permanent improvements to the surface to facilitate subsequent digs.

If you hear me singing the praises of UnderMine on the Game Informer Show, you already know that I think it’s a fun and captivating experience that ended up being overshadowed by more prestigious roguelikes such as Spelunky 2 and Hades. While he appears to have played the third wheel of these titles, Thorium shares that over 600,000 players have picked up the game on Steam and Xbox. I had a lot of fun playing it on Game Pass, and I am considering doing a double dip given how well the game is suitable for Switch.


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