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United States: Two injured in explosion at chemical plant in West Virginia | United States and Canada

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An overnight explosion at the Chemours factory in Kanawha County prompted to stay home.

At least two people were injured after an explosion at a West Virginia chemical plant that prompted authorities to order residents within 3.2 kilometers (two miles) of the plant to stay inside.

Officials have reportedly said the chemicals involved in the explosion included dry chlorinated bleach and methanol. People who lived in the area said their homes were shaking at the time of the explosion.

The explosion occurred at 10:02 p.m. (03:02 GMT Wednesday) at the Chemours plant in the Kanawha County community of Belle, the county commission said in a statement.

Local media reported that an injured person was taken to hospital by ambulance, while the second person, who was hit by debris, drove off.

“We had at least one very serious explosion and one working fire at the plant,” Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper told WCHS-TV.

“We believe it [the explosion] was probably caused by a barge in the factory’s river area, ”Carper told local media.

The order to set up a shelter was lifted later on Tuesday, the Kanawha County commission said in a statement, adding that: “Emergency responders assessed the scene and determined that an authorization total can be issued ”.


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