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Universal Music draws its catalog from the music video app Triller

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In a suite statement to Pitchfork, a spokesperson for Triller denied withholding payments from the artists. They also stated: “Triller does not need an agreement with UMG to continue to function as it has been since the artists concerned are already shareholders or partners in Triller, and therefore can authorize their use directly. Triller has no use for a license agreement with UMG. ”

In 2018, Triller entered into a licensing agreement with UMG to provide its users with access to the company’s entire music catalog. The startup claims that UMG is arming the media and its artists to extract “unsustainable payments”. “They did the exact same thing at TikTok for two years and pretty much every other social network,” the company said.

As Billboard underlines, this is not the first time that Triller has encountered this type of problem. In November, Wixen Music Publishing for follow-up the company for copyright infringement. The National Music Publishers Association also slammed the company for his licensing practices, especially after suing TikTok for patent infringement.


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