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Update: Cyborg actor Ray Fisher says DC Films pulled him from Flash distribution

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Ray fisher tweeted Wednesday, Warner Bros. officially removed him from the cast of the next Flash movie. “I totally disagree with their decision, but it’s a decision that isn’t surprising,” Fisher said, adding that Cyborg’s role in The Flash was meant to be bigger. than a simple cameo.

Fisher also reiterated his claims that DC Films chairman Walter Hamada protected former co-chairman Geoff Johns during the studio’s investigation into misconduct at work, and that Hamada spread “lies and misinformation “on Fisher.

“If the end of my tenure as a Cyborg comes at the cost of helping to raise awareness and accountability for Walter Hamada’s actions – I will gladly pay it,” Fisher concluded.

Fisher’s full statement can be read below.

Warner Bros. did not respond to IGN’s request for comment at time of publication.

Update 1: Variety reports that DC Films president Walter Hamada has renewed his deal with DC, and will continue as studio president until 2023. This comes a week after Cyborg actor Ray Fisher said he didn’t would no longer participate in any production associated with Hamada.

Hamada was put in the public spotlight after Fisher accused Hamada of allowing a toxic work environment for Joss Whedon, who took over as director on Justice League after the departure of Zack Snyder. Hamada was not president of DC Films at the time of the principal photography.

Fisher has yet to comment on DC Film’s decision to renew Hamada.

Original story as follows:

Justice League star Ray Fisher has said he will no longer appear in any production associated with DC Films president Walter Hamada.

As reported by Variety, Fisher’s response comes after WarnerMedia’s investigation into Fisher’s allegations a toxic and hostile work environment under Joss Whedon, the 2017 Justice League cover director.“Walter Hamada is the most dangerous type of facilitator”, Fisher tweeted. “His lies, and the failed WB PR hit piece on September 4, sought to undermine the very real problems with the Justice League investigation. I will not participate in any production associated with him.

Fisher also included Hamada’s Interview with the New York Times in his tweet where he discussed the future of DC movies and that the next Justice League Snyder Cut is a “storytelling dead end” unrelated to upcoming DC projects, and that Snyder is “not currently involved in the studio. future.”

WarnerMedia recently confirmed that the Justice League investigation is over and that “corrective action” had been taken for Ray Fisher’s claims. WarnerMedia’s third-party investigation began in August following Fisher’s allegations about Whedon’s toxic setting and how former DC Films co-chairs Geoff Johns and Jon Berg allowed the behavior.

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