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Updated charts show U.S. coronavirus vaccinations

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Like the death toll from COVID-19 reached astounding heights, countries are rushing to provide vaccines that could slow – and possibly stop – the spread of coronavirus.

Success will depend on a dizzying array of factors, from conducting massive clinical trials so that vaccines still in development can be approved for use, manufacture and transport in billions of doses, ensuring that rich nations don’t monopolize global supply and, above all, getting doses into people’s arms.

The charts and maps below will be updated to show the most recent data on the deployment of what will be the largest immunization program in history, in the United States and around the world.


So far, the United States has fallen far short of the Trump administration’s goal of giving 20 million vaccinations by the end of 2020.

Each state varied in the speed with which they were able to administer the vaccines to people. Both vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States so far, developed by companies Pfizer (in partnership with BioNTech) and Modern, are designed to be given in two doses several weeks apart. Some other vaccines still under approval would only require a single dose. Vaccinating everyone in the United States will ultimately require giving between 100 and 200 doses per 100 people in each state and territory – for a total of between 330 million and 660 million doses nationwide. It’s a huge logistical challenge.

Vaccines are distributed by the military to individual states roughly in proportion to their population. But as the map above shows, some states deliver vaccines faster than others.

Search or browse this table to find out how your state or territory is performing on these key measures of vaccine deployment.


The United States is ahead of most other countries in vaccine deployment. But Israel is clearly the first leader, reaching a greater proportion of its population than any other nation. (Its vaccination program has so far not included Palestinians in the territories occupied by Israel.) The countries colored in gray have not started rolling out vaccines or have not reported any data.

Search or browse this table to see how each nation is doing.


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