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‘Valheim’ changes the way we play survival games

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How would you describe the artistic aesthetic of Valheim?

Playstation-Modern maybe;) – Néoplaystationisme?

With two million copies sold in less than two weeks, how do you think Iron Gate achieved this level of viral success?

Not really sure, we were more or less convinced that Valheim would be welcomed, but those numbers are pretty crazy. We have not been alone in this endeavor, however, and I would like to take the opportunity to highlight Coffee Stain Publishing and SwipeRight. They’ve been a big help in producing the trailers, making sure the press and influencers are happy, among other things. They helped us reach a wider audience, that’s for sure.

If I am a brand new player who wants to try Valheim, what tips could help me make my first participation the best possible experience?

Excellent question! And my answer would be to build the hoe ASAP (need a workbench and some stone and wood). This will allow you to level the ground and make building a house much more enjoyable! I couldn’t live without it.

The menu is huge in Valheim! Why such a large map?

To have a lot of space to fill with interesting locations: D As they say; it’s about the journey, not the destination. Also, here at Iron Gate we are huge fans of Daggerfall, we drank a lot of beers extolling the virtues of this great white whale.

Personally, I really enjoy the music in Valheim. Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind this music?

Well the music was composed by a very talented musician by the name of Patrik Jarlestam. We worked closely with him to get the right sound. It’s hard to talk about specifics, there is really a lot of inspiration from everywhere that has entered it, I mean there are obvious points of inspiration such as Wind waker for sailing music (the gold standard), but in general we just wanted a “vikingy” sound without it being too “folk”. Valheim is inspired by Norse mythology, but is not directly related to it. Therefore, we felt that a little leeway in musical styles would be perfect for this.

Survival games can often be lonely experiences, but Valheim encourages you to invite friends to your server. Why did you choose this approach for a survival game? (Note: While popular survival games like Rust are multiplayer, PvP combat favors a more individualistic playstyle.)

It seemed quite natural to be honest, we’ve always enjoyed co-op experiences like this a lot ourselves, but more often than not it seems like the multiplayer aspect is limited to 4 players these days. We just wanted to try to get more people in there, the more the merrier, right? 10 Vikings in a boat, fight their way through violent storms to find a new shore to attack, encountering alien wildlife and dangers! You could say that this is sort of a “ dream scenario ” here at Iron Gate that has influenced much of the development of Valheim.

What do you think is Valheim’s biggest weakness that the Iron Gate team are working to improve?

Aspects of the networking code, suffice it to say that the influx of players has brought to light some very stinging issues in this department. Of course there are a lot of other issues as well … We have a public bug tracker that we encourage players to use, and we try to fix everything as quickly as possible.


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