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Valheim: how to cook on cold nights

Valheim: how to cook on cold nights


You may have heard of Valheim, a Viking survival game currently available on Steam in Early Access. Well, if you want to have a chance to fight for the many encounters that you will be faced with, you will want to go armed with the knowledge to cook and eat the many foods available. The game is a challenge to survive in icy lands teeming with trolls, skeletons, leeches, slimes and more. You can even summon huge bosses and face them! If you’re just getting started, you should check out our start of game guide here, and something a little deeper into the experience here.

Once you have mastered the basics of cooking and dining in Valheim, the most advanced fare easily sets up as you progress through your tech tree and base. At the start of the game, it is likely that your only experience with food has come from raspberries that you have removed from the bushes nearby. In the game’s opening hour, you can probably expect to face off against wild boars, deer, and necks (lizards). So you have raw meat. And after?

First of all, you need to make a campfire. You probably already have one because you will need it to put down your bed and have any type of camping. After that you need to place a cooking grid on the fire. Pretty easy, right? Clicking on the fire with raw meats and other cooking items in your inventory will place them above the fire. Now you need to make sure not to leave the food on the heat for too long. There is an audio and visual signal when the meat is cooked, so be prepared to remove it when it is cooked. If you want too long, your meat will turn to charcoal. There are a few specific scenarios in which you may want to convert your meat to charcoal, but in general you will want some for consumption.

Your character can have three different types of food buffs simultaneously and you should strive to achieve this. Food buffs increase your max health, stamina, and regeneration, so you want to have as much as possible to combine with your weapons and armor to improve your survivability.

In the beginning, your survivability will be at its best with two different types of cooked meat (neck and raw) and berries or mushrooms. As you move past the meadow into the Black Forest and the swamp, you can start making more potent foods like sausages. Before you can, you should definitely consider crafting a cauldron once you have access to the metals. With the cauldron, you can create the basis for a powerful mead. Before you delve too deeply into the systems that are going to deliver the next level of food, you want to take advantage of one of the most powerful offerings that can come from the cauldron, Queens Jam. With just a few handfuls of blueberries and raspberries, you’ll be the king of the lower level areas!

Once you’ve mastered the cooking, you’ll be making a potent sausage in no time. Unlike many other survival games, you actually * don’t * need to eat in Valheim to survive, but walking around with your base health pool is incredibly risky and dangerous, so eating is basically just that. a benefit and not a hunger indicator that you need. to manage frantically.




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