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Valorant’s next agent is a duelist who can slip into another dimension

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According to Riot Games, the team has been experimenting with a “stealth infiltration” character for years. He’s meant to be a lone wolf – both in personality and playstyle – who can create opportunities for the rest of his teammates. “We also wanted Yoru to be an agent who could create some really strong moments throughout the game,” John Goscicki, character product manager on Valuing explained in a press release. “The kind of rounds where if you do everything right, you feel like the best player ever.”

Riot Games

Additionally, Riot Games is launching a new Battle Pass on January 12. The “ Episode 2 ” version will cost 1,000 Valorant Points (VP) and will offer special unlocks including 12 gun skins, melee skin and an assortment of companions in arms – keychain style accessories that hang from your equipped weapon – maps, sprays and titles. These include an ‘Infinity’ version of the Phantom Rifle and classic handgun, a ‘Salt Shaker’ pistol companion, and a ‘Choose My Weapon’ spray. The Battle Pass will expire on March 1, giving players just under seven weeks to unlock everything.

If you just jump in Valuing, or missed some of the unlocks offered in episode 1, fear not. Riot Games will also be offering a Run it Back Pack which includes fan favorite skins such as Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Specter, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator.


Riot Games

Riot Games is best known for League of Legends, a very popular MOBA (Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) with a thriving professional scene. With Valuing, the company has proven that it can create a successful game outside of League universe. The shooter launched last year and is often described as a mixture of Counter strike and Overwatch. He immediately exploded on Twitch and remained popular throughout the pandemic. Riot Games updated the title with two new agents Killjoy and Skye, and officially launched an e-sport circuit for established teams.


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