Thursday, February 29, 2024

Verizon CEO presents 5G as a ‘platform’ for services like drone delivery

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Other offers include Live Nation and the NFL. Verizon’s 5G UWB (the much faster type of 5G that uses mmWave to hit 4 Gbps, but doesn’t have a ton of range) is rolling out to 15 Live Nation theaters / clubs, so when we’re ready to release again, there should be plenty of bandwidth available, and in the meantime, it can be used to stream virtual performances from multiple camera angles. As for the NFL, Verizon plans to bring 5G UWB to 28 stadiums by the end of this year and show Verizon’s 5G SuperStadium in the NFL app with augmented reality effects that include tracking statistics on screen for people with certain 5G devices. .

Last week Verizon revealed that its nationwide 5G service (which includes slower connections that can sometimes look more like 4G, but go beyond) covers 230 million people in 2,700 U.S. cities. This too expanded the Fios Forward – which offers discounted broadband access to those eligible for Government Lifeline assistance – to include existing customers.

5G Ultra WideBand extends to places like Colorado Springs, CO; Columbia, SC and Knoxville, TN, while 5G home Internet up to 1 Gbps is rolling out in Arlington, TX; Miami, FL; Anaheim, California; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA and St. Louis, MO, as well as residential or 5G wireless customers can receive 12 months of free Discovery + streaming access.


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