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Video games Anxiety is real. Here’s how to handle it

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Whether you are playing solo or in a team, sharing these experiences with others can help, and you can do this by striking up a conversation with teammates or opponents to create a more friendly atmosphere.

Ultimately, players should also learn to “laugh at your mistakes or graciously accept loss or failure, after all everyone could have a bad day,” he says. Rashmi Parmar, psychiatrist at Community Psychiatry. “Stop shaming or blaming yourself for failing a game. Avoid the urge to remember what went wrong unless you use it in a positive way to perform better next time. “

The main goal is to have fun, so when playing a game, try to avoid “getting caught up in the quest” for control. Instead, Parmar says remembering that you will have fun no matter what the outcome will refocus your energy.

Play what you love – with friends

“Game developers want gamers to engage as long and as intensely as possible,” says Sobin, The Nerd Therapist. “Dopamine hits” are what make you feel accomplished and what keeps you playing. So the same dopamine effects you get from brain rewards can get you playing the game as well.

Sobin’s tactic for reducing anxiety during gambling is to focus on social communication. His suggestion is to create or join communities in online spaces like Discord, Reddit, and Twitch. This reduces the feeling of being alone that can come from playing solo. This doesn’t mean that single player play is directly attributed to anxiety – if multiplayer play is the cause of your anxiety, then playing single player can have the opposite effect. It’s about knowing yourself.

It is also important to play the games you want to have a pleasant experience.

“It’s natural for us to think ‘I’m afraid’ or ‘I’m the worst’ after failing in the same situation 10 or 15 times in a row, but that’s (most likely) not true,” Sobin says. “Gambling anxiety results from a rigid set of rules.” When playing a game, pay attention and listen to yourself. If you’re bored with a game, put it down. And when you collect trophies and items, enjoy it, but try not to get sucked in so much that you ignore the world around you.

Instead, try watching games

So you quit a game but still get that nagging feeling? This is what Daniel Epstein, a certified mental health counselor at the Berman Center, called “shame of the game” or “feeling of worthlessness of oneself due to negative self-talk”. Shame in the game is determined only at the individual level. While some feel the need to complete a task, others worry about how they will be seen by their peers. It can increase your anxiety and there is a way to deal with it.

“For many, watching other people play can actually reduce a person’s stress level, provide entertainment, and help them learn new skills,” says Epstein. “The reduced stress associated with watching gameplay can largely be attributed to the lack of risk of failure.” Watch other people play a let’s play the series on YouTube or Twitch can act as ASMR, providing relaxation and connection with people. I have reviewed video games and Twitch videos because they bring the unknown to me and teach me the risks of a game before I play, so that I can have a successful session. The older videos also bring memories of nostalgia and reduce stress because I know the outcome of the match.

But at the end of the day, there is nothing better than seeking the help of licensed professionals when you are living with gambling anxiety.

“There’s a good chance you will experience anxiety in real life. If you live with anxiety or emotional difficulties, see a professional for proper diagnosis and treatment if necessary, ”says Epstein.

While there isn’t one way to fight gambling anxiety, just knowing that you have options for managing your life is empowering. Whether you decide to relax, channel your feelings elsewhere, or even ask for help, your feelings and anxiety about gambling are valid and manageable.

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