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Villagers and other characters – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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The list below includes all known villagers. They come from several types of personalities and different types of animals. Each island town can have up to 10 different types of villagers who will inhabit it, and you will begin your desert island adventure with two villagers – see the full list of possible starting villagers here.

Every Animal Crossing: Villagers of New Horizons

Villagers can have many types of personality. They understand: Jocks, Uchi (big sister), normal, energetic, lazy, Pretentious, Grumpy and smug. Certain types of villager will always appear on your island – as you will always start the game with a villager Jock and Uchi by your side.

Unlike other Animal Crossing games, some of the villagers features are entirely new – the first two villagers on your island will build their own houses out of tents, while the next three villagers will need to have some of their items before moving in. After that you will be able to sell plots of land for villager set up a house, or invite them to stay when they are encountered in a Mystery island or the Camp site.

Looking to add more villagers to your town? Don’t forget to watch the video above for how to invite more residents!

The villagers will slowly warm up until the first presentation, as it will take you several days of talking before you can give them gifts and receive them in turn. Villagers may also have requests or tasks for you, they can wear donated clothes or display gifts in their homes, and they can send you a mail thanking you for being a friend.

They can also give you DIY recipes if you talk to them while they are making at their home, or if you run to you and learn new reactions.

Villager in bold are new in the series


Can’t stand a particular villager in your town? Watch the video above for how to get rid of it villager on your island.

Are you looking for something else? Why not check out our other villager guides below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons starts out with a lot of special characters, and based on various announcements from Nintendo, this list will grow dramatically over time.

Here’s who we have in the game so far:


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