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“Vince McMahon showed his loyalty to Big Show”

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Paul Wight, fka Big Show, became the last WWE name to leave the ship AEW. The former WWE Champion has signed a multi-year contract promoting Tony Khan, and in addition to wrestling, Paul Wight will take on other non-wrestling roles as well.

During the last episode of The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com, which revolved around the 2006 No Way Out PPV, Kurt Angle shared his honest reactions and thoughts on signing Paul Wight to AEW.

Kurt angle was surprised by the news of Big Show joining AEW as he believed the giant would be in WWE forever. Angle said WWE used to treat Big Show well, and the Olympic gold medalist recalled that Vince McMahon helped Paul Wight through a financially difficult phase in the veteran star’s life.

Angle explained that WWE and Vince McMahon had done a lot for Paul Wight. Kurt Angle will also note that Wight returned the favor by being loyal to WWE for many years.

“Yes. I always thought Paul would be with WWE for the rest of his life. I mean, they treat him really well. They did a lot for Big Show. You know, when he quit and became a boxer , you know, he lost a lot of money, and Vince helped him out a bit and brought him back into the game. “

“There were a lot of things that happened that, you know, Vince McMahon showed his loyalty to Big Show, and Big Show showed it, no doubt about it.”

They Humiliated Him A Little: Kurt Angle on How WWE Booked Paul Wight, fka The Big Show

Kurt Angle initially thought that Paul Wight’s Netflix show – which recently canceled, was produced by WWE, indicating that Wight could have been locked into a lifelong job in WWE.

“But, you know, when he did this show, The Big Show, I thought it was a WWE show. So I’m not sure it was a Netflix show or that WWE actually helped. to produce it. So I thought he was going to do it. be with the company forever because I always thought the Big Show was going to be a WWE product, but I guess I was wrong . This is not the case. “

Kurt Angle speculated that Big Show might have felt undervalued in WWE. WWE broadcast The Big Show on television and Angle understood the disappointments of the multiple world champion. As long as Paul Wight is happy, Angle has no qualms about the professional decisions of his former WWE colleague.

“So, you know, I think Big Show has probably felt a little underrated in WWE the last few years. They’ve had him, you know, they’ve humbled him a little bit, having his job here and there, you know, tuck his cocks between his legs and walk away. So I understand why he was frustrated, but I thought he would be with the company forever, with the WWE. But you know what, if he is happy, I am happy. “

What are your predictions for Paul Wight in AEW? What kind of impact do you see it making in the business?

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