Friday, October 7, 2022

Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes separated by referees after heated exchange in fourth test, India v England

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The eagerly awaited Fourth Test between India and England started with some fireworks with Virat kohli and Ben stokes involved in a heated confrontation.

After England won the draw and chose to beat first, the Indian captain had to be parted from the all-rounder star by the field referees after a back-and-forth.

The incident occurred after England’s 13th in the heats, when Stokes took on a bouncer played by Indian paceman Mohamed Siraj.

Stokes pulled a few verbal cues in Siraj’s direction, words Kohli objected to when he intervened in Stokes and teammate Jonny Bairstow’s conversation between the overs.

“The two are fierce competitors. Virat chose to go chat with the two drummers, it’s not really up to the fielders to get into the batters’ conversation when they’re in the middle,” said the former England spinner. Graeme Swann. on the comments.

“Just let them continue, you continue your game.”

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has said the showdown has the potential to knock Stokes out of his game.

“It actually works in favor of the field team because the concentration of the batsman is gone,” he said.

“At this critical moment, with this discussion between Stokes and the Indian captain, nothing will happen to Virat Kohli just because he’s on the pitch.

“As a batsman, if you’ve lost your focus, it kind of lingers in your mind as you face the next ball and you’re not completely focused and focused on the ball.”

The fourth test has massive implications for the World Test Championship final, with Australia needing a win from England to secure a place in the decider.

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