Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Virgin Galactic and Under Armor team up on commercial pilot space suits

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Quinn Tucker for Virgin Galactic

Knitted coveralls weigh a relatively light weight of 1 kg (2.2 pounds), but use fly-quality fabrics that are also sturdy and strong. They’re designed for comfort whether you’re floating in zero G or leaning back on your seat during the rocket-propelled push phase. They also help regulate body temperature during the different phases of flight. The companies haven’t said anything about the boots, but they wear a fleeting resemblance Under Armor Tactical Side Zip Boots.

The suits will be seen on a test flight which could take place as early as Friday, December 11. “I can’t wait to wear my own spacesuit on New Mexico’s first human spaceflight later this month and then many times in the future as we share the wonders of space with our futures. astronauts, ”said Dave Mackay, Chief Pilot of Virgin Galactic.


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