Thursday, March 30, 2023

VW shows off its EV mobile charging robot in action

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It is now clearer how the prototype of VW EV charging robot will work in practice. VW has Free his first real-world glimpse of the mobile charger robot in action. It’s not only useful for charging EVs away from dedicated spaces, it’s cute – the prototype has a “face” that lights up when it grabs the battery trailer and plugs into your car. We don’t expect to hear the R2-D2 type beeps in the video below, but the robot should otherwise be friendly (or at least not that scary) as it complements your ride.

The robot works autonomously and starts either using an app or by communicating with the car itself. You don’t need to open the shutter or tell the robot to disconnect. And don’t worry about the robot being busy – it leaves the battery trailer on the car so it’s free to charge other vehicles in the meantime. The charging system is clearly designed with VW models like the ID.4 in mind, although it should work with other EVs.


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