Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Watch SpaceX launch its first updated Dragon cargo capsule at 11:17 a.m.ET

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SpaceX crewed flights have garnered the most attention lately, but the unbroken variety is about to regain the limelight. The company is launch its Dragon cargo capsule first updated at 11:17 am east of Kennedy Space Center in Florida. CRS-21 mission to International Space Station comes nine months after original Dragon last launched, and represents a milestone for precisely the little work that will be involved – it should be SpaceX’s most reliable transporter to date.

The new Dragon freighter is a modification of Crew Dragon that can dock at the ISS fully autonomously rather than requiring the assistance of astronauts in command of the Canadarm. It also offers 20% more cargo volume than the previous cargo model, including double the capacity of the electric locker. It should also last longer than the previous capsules. It can stay attached to the ISS for more than twice as long and is now designed for up to five round trips.


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