Friday, March 31, 2023

Watch Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Journey From SF To Los Angeles With (Almost) No Help

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It’s a notable feat for the technology that is still rough around the edges and, despite the name, won’t let you get off the wheel. At the same time, it also indicates how far the technology has to go before it can respond. Elon Musk’s robot taxi dreams.

For starters, Whole Mars Catalog took control near the debris because they didn’t completely trust autonomous driving to react properly – it’s not the kind of confidence needed for truly hands-off driving. There was also erratic behavior in the lanes around Market Street in San Francisco which was not very reassuring. We’ll add that California’s warmer climate is ideal for Tesla’s camera-based technology. He could face a much more difficult challenge in the snow, where LiDAR and other sensors may be needed to avoid collisions. In other words, it may take some time before you can just assume that FSD is ready to handle a city-to-city trip in your part of the world.


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