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Week 17 NFL Pick ’em, Survivor Pool Picks: Expert Advice on Favorites, Upsets to Consider in Office Pools

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The final week of the 2020 NFL regular season has arrived. That means some teams are playing hard for the playoff spots, while others are playing just for pride. Others might choose to rest the starters and prepare for a playoff race. Knowing which teams have the motivation to play to win can give you a big advantage with your Week 17 picks in the NFL for selection and survivor pools.

As always, we’ll break down some of the best value opportunities in select pools and the most popular picks in survivor pools.This analysis is brought to you by TeamRankings, the only site that offers personalized choices that maximize your edge in pools. of football . Discover their Football Pick ’em Picks, Choice of NFL survivor pool, and NFL betting choices. They also offer Choice of university cuvette.

Week 17 NFL Picks Advice: Tips for Pick ’em Pools

Note: The winning odds and estimated popularity data for the picks below may vary between the publish time and the kickoff time. If you want the latest numbers, our product is updated several times a day.

Cleveland Browns (vs. Pittsburgh)

The Browns are now a big favorite (10.5 points), but the home crowd is split about evenly between them and the Steelers, taking Cleveland just 56 percent of the time.

Pittsburgh has already announced that Ben Roethlisberger will be absent from this game, and the team are expected to rest several other starters. The Steelers struggled down the home stretch after an 11-0 start and will likely choose to rest their veteran squad, even if that means getting a No.3 seed instead of a No.1 seed. 2 in the playoffs.

Cleveland, meanwhile, has it all, as it does in a win-win scenario this week. Taking a big favorite when there are still plenty of them with the Pittsburgh name is a solid value game this week.

Los Angeles Chargers (in Kansas City)

The Chiefs are 14-1 and everyone picks them again this week. Problem is, Kansas City should be resting from the starters, as it has nothing to do with the locked-in seed. The Chargers are actually the betting favorites right now with 3.5 points.

This means that you have a rather unusual situation in selection pools. You can get a team favored by more than a field goal that is barely selected, as 80% of all picks in selection pools nationwide so far are on the Chiefs.

We’ll see if audiences catch up as the week goes on, but for now Chargers are of great value.

Denver Broncos (vs. Las Vegas)

If you’re looking for an upset game, the Broncos have some value for money in terms of risk versus reward. Denver is only a slight underdog (2.5 points) against the Raiders, but it is chosen by only 23% of the public.

Denver has had a season of ups and downs, but sending the Raiders on a losing streak would be a big motivation for this group.

To see the picks for each Week 17 game that maximize your chances of winning your NFL Selection Pool, check out the Product Football Pick ’em Picks. It is the only product available that customizes choices based on the dynamics of your specific pools.

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Week 17 Tips on the NFL Survivor Pool

The final week of the regular season means options are limited in terms of picking NFL survivors. In fact, no team is currently chosen by more than 15% of the public.

Six teams have a choice of survivor popularity between 9% and 14% in week 17: Indianapolis Colts (against Jacksonville), Baltimore Ravens (in Cincinnati), New England Patriots (against NY Jets), Cleveland Browns (against Pittsburgh), New Orleans Saints (to Carolina), and Minnesota Vikings (in Detroit).

Of these teams, the Colts, Ravens and Browns are the biggest favorites and present the best value for money if you have them available.

But with plenty of survivor pools coming up this past week, it’s essential to consider what your opponents are likely to do when making your choice. To this end, subscribers to our Product NFL Survivor Picks can access an expected value calculator, using their opposing predictions as inputs.

To see the best choice for your current situation, see our Product NFL Survivor Picks for personalized advice.


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