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Weirdly Specific Thank You Notes for Mario and Friends

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Good day Mario! As everyone lists their favorite series games or in a wacky competition Mario related challengesI decided to take a different path in showing my appreciation for the series. Mario is the very reason I fell in love with the game as a kid and his long list of characters has given me countless hours of entertainment over the years. So with that in mind, I’d just like to list a bunch of these names and give a quick, sometimes silly reason I’m grateful for each of them.

Mario – For literally having existed and introduced myself to video games in the first place.

Luigi – For giving my little brother a reason not to be Mario.

Peach – For pushing me to overcome any obstacle. Also for that underrated DS game.

Bowser – For making me think he was a dragon instead of a big, longer turtle than I would admit.

Yoshi – To always understand that only one of us will make the big jumps.

Toad – To make it cool to rock a vest with a bare chest long before Aladdin.

Wario – For legitimately frightening me when I first saw him when I was a child

Waluigi – To inexplicably gain my affection despite being the walking definition of useless

Daisy – To have the life-action version of her be so irrelevant, that’s hilarious.

Boo – To be the low-key cutest thing in the whole series

Bowser Jr. To be the second cutest thing that deserves its own game.

Bird – For making me jump on eggshells and send them back, one of my earliest memories of feeling like a badass in games.

Iggy Koopa – For hypnotizing me with THESE EYES.

Larry Koopa – For making me laugh at the idea of ​​”Leisure Suit Larry Koopa”.

Lemmy Koopa – To always be on the ball.

Ludwig von Koopa – For that luscious blue hair and that tooth that looks like a can opener.

Morton Koopa Jr. – For being named after guy Roddy Piper once sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

Roy Koopa – For wearing a pair of sunglasses, Johnny Cage would be jealous.

Wendy O. Koopa – To put the “heel” in the heels.

Baby mario – To end up shutting down.

Baby Luigi – * See Baby Mario *

Rosalina – To be basically a Sailor Moon character and the coolest princess of all.

Toadette – To always make me wonder if his mats are edible and / or feel pain.

Petey piranha – To have the confidence to rock a speedo that I never could.

Kamek – For that nice sparkle effect every time he casts his spells.

Poochy – For giving Yoshi a helping hand for a change.

Donkey kong – To be Mario’s only real rival.

Bullet bill – To become gigantic and breathtaking my young mind in Super Mario World.

Cappy – For letting me own a realistic T-Rex with a silly mustache.

Chuck grief – For confusing me as a kid by throwing baseballs at soccer equipment.

FLUDD – To be really a good idea made dirty by bad controls.

Pauline – For going from OG lady status to rocking mayor with a murderous song.

Lakitu – To be the character I want to throw my shoe on the most.

Plession – To be a gem worthy of a hug that finally gets the recognition it deserves

Fawful – To be an extremely entertaining antagonist.

Captain Toad – To be the most worthy entity in a row on this whole list.

Nabbit – To have one of the simplest and smartest names in Mario history.

Toadsworth – To get even better in my head when I imagine it voiced by Michael Caine.

Tatanga – For being a literal alien and having me shoot a Drew Scanlon when I first met him.

Puff – To clearly seem to want to get out of his misery.

Boom boom – To be the little-known jobber of the series.

Peach – To raise all kinds of tantalizing questions and to inspire …

*Bowsette – To be a beautiful abomination.

Are there any characters in this article or in general that you would like to express sincere and / or bizarre gratitude? Show Mario some love in the comments! You can also check this Reader’s Discussion Piece to tell us what is your favorite Mario game of all time!


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