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What is Israel’s secret weapon against Iran? | Israel

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There is a lot of reason to believe, but obviously no hard evidence to prove, that Israel is behind the latest assassination of another senior Iranian scientist.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was considered by the American and Israeli intelligence services to be the mastermind of a secret Iranian program to develop nuclear capabilities, was visibly killed on November 27 in an ambush on a highway near Tehran “with devices intelligent remote control ”.

It is, of course, impossible to know what exactly happened on this highway. The Israelis have reason to exaggerate their ability to carry out deadly covert operations in Iranian territory. The Iranians, meanwhile, have reason to hide the manner in which their top official was killed and to engage in their own campaign of reciprocal disinformation.

What remains to us is the obvious fact that the Israelis, perhaps in cahoots with the Americans, the Saudis or even the Emiratis, were behind yet another targeted assassination of a senior Iranian official.

But how is Israel doing? How can this small colony of settlers repeatedly get away with murders?

Projecting more power than they actually have

While Israel wants to project the image of an omnipotent, omniscient force that can kill and destroy with the swipe of a finger, the point is, it is all bogus, cliché, and garish posture. There isn’t much mystery surrounding this cowardly operation: we have Israeli-American intelligence, Saudi-Emirati finances and the sleeper cells of the treacherous Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) – the exiled Iranian terrorist group – agents in Iran as the most likely combination of factors that allowed Israel to commit this murder.

Targeted assassination is a common feature of Israeli behavior. Perhaps the most infamous and emblematic of these assassinations is the murder of prominent Palestinian revolutionary writer Ghassan Kanafani in Beirut on July 8, 1972, along with his 17-year-old niece, Lamees Najim.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was not the first and likely will not be the last Iranian scientist allegedly murdered by the Israelis. At least half a dozen Iranian scientists have been murdered in the past decade, and Israel is believed to have been primarily responsible for half of those killings.

Of course, Israel is neither the first nor the only state to have eliminated its suspected enemies through assassinations outside its borders. Earlier this year, Donald Trump ordered the US military to assassinate Qassem Soleimani, a senior Iranian military official, in Iraq. Just two years ago, Saudi Arabia cut to pieces Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi journalist, in Turkey.

The Iranians themselves have a long history of brutal assassination of their suspected enemies around the world. They, for example, stabbed opposition figure Shapour Bakhtiar in France to death in 1991. They also do not hesitate to assassinate dissidents in Iran, as in the notorious case of the so-called “chain murders” from the 80s and 90s.

No state can therefore take a holier posture here than you. They are all guilty of sin. It’s a world of dog-eating dogs amid these regimes of terror and murder, each one worse than the next.

But still, a bald foray from a colonial colony into a sovereign nation to assassinate one of their high-ranking scientists requires consideration.

What is Israel’s secret weapon?

The specific question I want to raise here is how could Israel assassinate Fakhrizadeh, then cowardly assume a “neither deny nor confirm” position, and get away with it?

The problem here is not Israeli behavior, which is systematically criminal. All you have to do is read Ronen Bergman’s Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations (2018) to learn chapter and verse the sustained and systematic history of the founded and sustained settler colony. in place with such targeted assassinations.

There is a connection, I wish to suggest, between the fact that the Israelis can just walk into Iran and murder whoever they want and the cowardly sell-outs like the leaders of the UAE, Bahrain or Sudan who “normalize” historic theft. of Palestine and enter into diplomatic relations with the colony of settlers.

This link expresses the scandalous incompetence of the ruling states on all sides of the Gulf and beyond, having no confidence in their own people and degenerating the state apparatus into an instrument of tyranny against their own people instead of ‘learn to protect their national sovereignty. On this point, there is no difference between the rulers of the UAE and Iran: They are both pathetically weak towards US-Israeli militarism because they are pathetically tyrannical towards their own citizens.

Let’s talk specifically about Iran. The ruling state is devoting an overwhelming portion of its security and military apparatus to keeping the Iranians themselves in line. It is so aware of its own illegitimacy that its most important function is to seize power, control the economy and systematically subject the Iranians to oppressive surveillance.

The Islamic Republic’s ruling military, intelligence and security apparatus does not want to accept how ridiculous it seems that Israel can infiltrate its country and murder at close range one top scientist after another, when ‘they are busy brutalizing a teenage girl into carrying her. scarf one way and not the other. The sheer stupidity of this state is simply astounding.

Stateless countries, illegitimate states

Israel is a garrison state – a nationless state ruling over the Palestinians, a nation without a state. And the same goes for all the other states around it, foremost among them Iran which has long lost the trust and support of the nation it rules over with wanton cruelty.

Imagine for a minute if people in Iran or elsewhere in the Muslim world were masters of their own destiny. Imagine if the dungeons of the Islamic Republic were not filled with political prisoners and human rights activists. Imagine if the ruling state did not waste a lot of its resources and capabilities monitoring the Iranians and punishing them for the slightest sign of life and freedom.

It is Israel’s secret weapon against Iran and all the other corrupt regimes in the region. That these illegitimate leaders do not see the strength of their country is in their own people; that freedom, liberty, the ability to stand up proudly and claim national sovereignty is the true source of power in any country. Instead, these pathetic, incompetent fools who can’t even protect their most precious possessions are trying in vain to keep an entire nation trapped in their outdated, corrupt and foolish politics.

Israel is a military base created by a gang of European adventurers. They wouldn’t even dare to imagine infiltrating Iran, or Turkey, or Egypt, or any real country, and murdering one of their citizens if they realized they had the will of a whole lot. nation that faces them. They know that the entire apparatus of the Islamic Republic from top to bottom is irremediably foreign to the defiant will of the Iranian people, that after 40 years they have failed miserably to become part of the will of their nation. , than themselves and their entire propaganda machine. has become a parasite on the organic integrity of an ancient but young, proud and competent nation, over which the ruling clergy have a lot of power but little authority.

Nations versus States

What can Iran do in retaliation for Israel’s assassination of its best scientists? Nothing. Can they reciprocate and go kill an Israeli nuclear scientist? Of course not, they can’t afford to do something similar remotely. So they blow and they blow and eventually fire a few unnecessary missiles one way or another and continue to abuse their own people and support Hamas, Hezbollah or the murderous al-Assad regime for an unnecessary act of “Resistance” or another.

But at the same time, Israel’s usual quibbling will ultimately have to confront not these weak and pathetic states, but the root of the power to resist its murderous acts that is the will of the Palestinians and the Iranians.

What is lost for Israel and its continued course of criminal activity is how utterly futile they are. They mobilize all their evil means and assassinate a few Iranian nuclear scientists – so what? Iran has literally thousands and thousands of such unclear scientists, more than half of whom are female physicists from top Iranian universities. What will Israel do? Kill them all? Drop some of their pathetic and unnecessary atomic bombs on Iran like his American godfather Sheldon Adelson wants to do?

Is it possible to prevent the Iranians from acquiring nuclear knowledge or technology for peaceful or even non-peaceful purposes if that is what the Iranians decide to do? Do they think a small colony of settlers can stop an entire nation that gave Maryam Mirzakhani to the world? Where do they think the late genius mathematician came from? Tel Aviv University? The Israelis will fail miserably in this area because they will fail in everything they touch – from the theft of Palestine to convincing anyone with an iota of decency and empathy to accept this blatant theft.

The ruling Islamic republic and the colony of settlers of Israel will ultimately fail to silence the will of the Palestinian and Iranian peoples. The repressed but rebellious will of nations, of Palestinians under the boots of Israeli soldiers and of Iranians under the cruelties of their ruling regimes, will prevail.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.


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