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Whoop Wearable to show biometrics of PGA Tour players during tournaments

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PGA Tour players are not historically noted for their athleticism, but that has changed in recent years with stars like US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau. He and other players regularly use $ 25,000 Trackman launch monitors to optimize their swing and ball speed, ball spin and other parameters to gain an edge over their rivals. After increasing his workouts and putting on 20 pounds, DeChambeau averaged over 330 yards per drive last year, and recently said it’s targeting driver ball speeds of 210 mph in 2021 – 40 mph above the touring average.

The latest Whoop Strap 3.0 uses your heart rate to measure your sleep quality, training intensity, and recovery, while providing tips on how to improve in these areas. Rather than buying it outright like a normal fitness bracelet, you pay $ 30 per month (or $ 18 per month if you pay for a year) to use it. For that sum, you get the group plus all relevant Whoop data.

The PGA Tour has not specified how the data will be used or displayed during the competition, but players who authorize its use will be indirectly compensated. “Featured players will receive a $ 10,000 contribution to the charity of their choice,” Tour wrote. It will also display the Whoop data in a new space called Active PGA Tower, “A new Tour initiative highlighting the health, fitness and lifestyles of professional golfers.”


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