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Why didn’t the Bears try to cover the points spread against the Saints? NFL ruler finished game after TD

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For some NFL fans, there are few meaningless touchdowns. The Bears appeared to score on a Sunday in their playoff loss to the Saints, but those fans knew differently.

They were stunned at the possibility of a January miracle after TD. Then the NFL rulebook struck and dashed their hopes.

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Translation: The Bears could have covered the points spread if they could have gone for two after scoring with no time left in the fourth quarter.

Chicago shot the clock to zero as Mitchell Trubisky hooked up to Jimmy Graham on a wild touchdown pass that reduced the Bears’ deficit to 21-9. The pre-game bet on the contest ended with the Saints favored by 11.

A few years ago, the Bears could have attempted a PAT kick to make it an 11-point game, giving Chicago punters a boost, or go two to make it a 10-point game, giving a luck to these bettors. to an unlikely victory.

Neither happened on Sunday because the NFL changed the rule for late-game conversions following Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ touchdown against the Saints in the 2018 playoffs. The teams of this match were called out of the locker room for an untimed game. The Vikings (-5.5) took a knee to end a five-point victory.

Rule 4, Section 8, Article 2 (c) of the Regulation sets out the new conditions:

(c) If a touchdown is made during the last play of a period, the tryout attempt shall be made (except during a period of sudden death, or
if a touchdown is scored during a try in which the time for the fourth period expires, and a successful try will not affect the
result of the game).

The league acknowledged what happened with a tweet on the NFL officials account.

Not all Bears fans were disappointed with what had happened. Those who added points to the broadcast as part of multibeam teasers chose a huge backdoor W.

The favorites were 2-0 ATS in Sunday afternoon’s games after the Underdogs covered all three wild games on Saturday. The Ravens (-3.5) conceded the Titans in the first game.


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