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Why do you keep eating when you are full?



cheeseburger overeating

The assumption that hunger makes food more attractive is a widely held belief.

Previous studies have suggested that the hunger hormone ghrelin, which your body produces when it’s hungry, may work in your brain to trigger this behavior.

New studies suggest that ghrelin may also work in your brain to keep you eating “nice” foods when you’re already full.

Scientists have previously linked the increase in ghrelin levels to the heightened gratifying or pleasurable feelings that can be obtained from cocaine or alcohol.

The researchers observed how long the mice would continue to stick their noses into a hole in order to receive a pellet of high-fat food. Animals that did not receive ghrelin gave up much earlier than those that received ghrelin.

Humans and mice share the same type of brain-cell connections and hormones, as well as similar architectures in the “pleasure centers” of the brain.




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