Saturday, December 3, 2022

Why the Justice League Snyder Cut isn’t the big screen

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When Zack Snyder’s (aka The Snyder Cut) last Justice League trailer released, one thing some fans might not have been prepared for was how square it was … literally. . Indeed, this whole Justice League cup will be presented that way. So why exactly is the Justice League Snyder Cut going full fram? And what did Snyder himself say about the move? We dig everything here! Sources have confirmed to IGN that Justice League’s Zack Snyder four-hour reassembly uses the boxy ratio of 1.33: 1. So the question is why? Well, the director’s love for the format stems from the IMAX scenes he shot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which were rendered fullscreen, at 1.43: 1 aspect ratio. Since that movie, Snyder is in love with the square composition and the idea of ​​using it for future projects. We’re also interested in Zack Snyder’s Justice is Gray from Justice League and much more in the Snyder Cut trailer!


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