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Why Tiffany Haddish turned down the Grammys

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Hello, Broadsheet readers! Global climate talks are leaving out women in leading roles, repairing child care could add $ 1.6 trillion to U.S. GDP, and Tiffany Haddish would like to be paid. Have a restful weekend.

– Thank you but, no thank you. It sounds like a dream concert for any artist: hosting the three-hour pre-telecast ceremony for the biggest musical night, the Grammys, which are scheduled for January 31.

But when it was offered to Tiffany Haddish, the comedian turned it down. The reason? She said she had to work for free. Worse yet, it would have to cover other work-related expenses, like hair, makeup and wardrobe.

“This should all come out of my pocket,” she Told Variety. “I don’t know if that means I might never be nominated again, but I think it’s disrespectful.” (Haddish is in the running for Best Comedy Album this year, his second nomination.)

The Recording Academy, a nonprofit organization that hosts the Grammys, is responsible for the pre-broadcast ceremony and says previous hosts played for free. But acting Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said in a video posted to Instagram. that it was wrong for the hiring manager to tell Haddish that the organization wouldn’t even cover his expenses for the event.

“It was wrong,” Mason said. “It was an error in judgment. It was in bad taste. And it was disrespectful.

The story recalls past examples in which Hollywood sadly underpaid female artists compared to their male counterparts. See: Michelle williams, Gillian anderson, Claire Foy, Octavia spencer, and too many others.

Plus, it’s a serious black eye for the Recording Academy, which tries to shake up its reputation for being sexist, discriminatory and out of touch.

Not even a year ago, he put his very first female CEO, Deborah Dugan, on leave five months after hiring her because of a “formal allegation of misconduct.” Dugan countered with a EEOC complaint However, his suspension was in retaliation for exposing sexual harassment, corrupt voting procedures and conflicts of interest between members of the organization’s board of directors. At the time of deposit, the Academy did not respond directly to Dugan’s claims, but this officially fired her in March after investigating his tenure within the organization, citing his “constant management gaps and failures”.

The Academy had hired Dugan as she tried to clean up another mess. In 2018, then president Neil Portnow sparked a fierce flashback when he said more women needed “reinforcement” if they were to be recognized at the Grammys.

If the Academy seeks to overcome these scandals; To signal that he values ​​female talent, whether among executives or record artists, asking Haddish to make his way onto the Grammys stage is clearly a step backwards.

Claire Zillman

Today’s Broadsheet was organized by Emma Hinchliffe.


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