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Why you’ll be building websites on Wix in 2021



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It’s no secret that 2020 has presented challenges for businesses large and small; Wix is one of those companies that has reacted intelligently to reach new impressive heights. The website builder has released a bunch of new features and performance upgrades and has grown its user base to record levels. Wix is ​​a great way for anyone to build a professional website, and it also offers the features that professional developers are looking for. The bottom line: This is where we think people are going to build their sites in 2021.

Over the past year, there has been a surge of releases to WixThe main product of the publisher. Many were designed for the reality of pandemic life. For example, the integration of Zoom for Wix Events and Wix Bookings (an online scheduling service popular with fitness instructors, health and beauty professionals, consultants, etc.) has helped people put quickly get their business online.

Ecommerce was clearly a central focus with so many business owners forced to close their physical stores, and Wix partnered with more sales channels, integrated major dropshipping services, and expanded their payment solution. This has helped their users increase their online sales in 2020 by an average of 14% compared to 2019.

Wix has also rolled out advanced and customizable design features, such as transparent videos, interactions, and cool scrolling effects. These definitely help Wix websites pop up, and what’s great is that eye-catching effects like these are now available to everyone without the need for code.

Speaking of code, Velo by Wix, an integrated and accelerated development platform, allows users to build custom user interface and functionality with JavaScript and Velo APIs. It is perfect for developers who are looking for a little more flexibility and customization when building web applications.

Perhaps the most impressive, Wix provided a performance upgrade that means its sites load faster than ever before, and added a range of advanced SEO features. For example, you can now add and edit structured data, create 301 group redirects, and edit the robots.txt file.

All of this should come as no surprise given that Wix has been at the forefront of innovation in its field for some time. Just a few years ago, they released Wix ADI, an AI platform that asks you a few questions and then creates a website for you that even includes embedded content. It’s a smart way to attract more users to the platform.

With a solid track record of innovation and many more releases on the horizon, Wix is ​​well positioned to grow even faster in 2021. So whatever type of website you’re looking to build, Wix is ​​definitely where it is. You can start now.

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