Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wikipedia’s new code of conduct targets harassment and misinformation

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Editors are encouraged to assume changes were made in good faith, help newcomers, and give credit where it is due to mutual respect for other users. The foundation too underlined his commitment to “create spaces that promote diversity of thought, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture and language to name a few.”

“The Universal Code of Conduct marks an important step in the evolution of our mission to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for our contributors, and a more open and powerful movement for free knowledge”, María Sefidari, Chair of the Board administration of the Wikimedia Foundation, said in a press release.

Although Wikipedia volunteers have set standards in various Wikimedia projects, there have so far been no universal ground rules. More than 1,500 volunteers from around the world contributed to the development of the code of conduct, which is approximately 1,600 words long. The next step in the project is for the foundation and the volunteers to figure out how to implement and enforce the rules in the various Wikipedia projects.


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