Sunday, April 14, 2024

Windows 10X leak reveals another attempt to take Chrome OS

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Windows 10X was meant to be Microsoft’s dual-screen operating system, powering the devices of a large number of major manufacturers. But that plan changed last year when the company revealed it was going to be focus on single screen devices. You know, normal laptops and tablets. So what is Windows 10X really going to be now? Apparently, much like Microsoft’s take on Google’s Chrome OS, according to Paul Thurott, which tests a leaked version of the operating system.

The first screens of Windows 10X show off a significantly simplified version of Windows 10, with a simple setup experience, a clean desktop with centered taskbar icons, and a Start menu that fills the entire screen. Each app runs full screen and it looks like you can only install the software from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10X looks a lot like unhappy Windows 10S. Microsoft ultimately turned this into a mode in Windows 10, rather than a stand-alone operating system.


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