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Wirebug Guide, Tips, Controls – Monster Hunter Rise Wiki Guide

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This page explains how to use the Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise. The Wirebug is a new mechanic in the Monster Hunter series, and allows hunters to perform special Silkbind attacks, cross terrain quickly, recover from blows, and trigger Wyvern Riding. Below is tips and a complete guide to Wirebug controls.

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How to use the Wirebug

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to using the Wirebug.

ZL is the basic “Wirebug Button” – the button you will press to activate the Wirebug in most cases. However, if you’re using a Light Bow Pistol, Heavy Bow Pistol, or Bow, you’ll need to press R while your weapon is active instead.

Pay attention to the two Wirebug symbols at the bottom of your screen – aka the Wirebug gauge. Most Wirebug moves will consume one. Some Silkbind attacks will consume two. They recover over time, and you can upgrade to a third gauge by picking up a wild Endemic Life Wirebug.

While in previous Monster Hunter games there was “rising” damage, in Monster Hunter Rise there is Wirebug damage. This is indicated by the damage numbers highlighted in light blue Both Silkbind attacks and attacks made after using a Wiredash inflict Wirebug damage. This is important, because once Wirebug’s damage is sufficient against a monster, it will enter a mountable state and allow you to engage in powerful Wyvern Riding!

Wirebug controls

Wirebug controls differ slightly depending on whether your weapon is sheathed or not. Here is a list of checks for the Wirebug.

Move Controls Advice
Wiredash (up) ZL + X In flight, this will send you forward. So ZL + X will send you, then pressing it again will send you forward in flight. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)
Wiredash (formerly) ZL + A In flight, this will send you down. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)
Wiredash (targeted) ZL + ZR This will send you to where you are aiming the reticle. If a bright green reticle is visible, it means you are within range of your objective. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)
Stop in flight A (in flight) Use a Wiredash motion, then press A to hang in the air.
Midair escape L + B stick Aim for a direction with the L stick and press B to quickly dodge that direction after using a Wiredash – handy for dodging midair attacks.
Wirefall ZL + B Can be made whether your weapon is sheathed or not. Tap it when knocked down or sent flying by a monster to quickly recover. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)
Silkbind (Master of Blades) ZL + X or A (when weapon is fired) You cannot use a Wiredash with your drawn weapon, but you can use a Silkbind attack. the X and A attacks are different. These differ between each weapon, so check your weapon controls to see what they do. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)
Silkbind (for heavy bow pistol, light bow pistol or bow) R + X or A Same as above – but these ranged weapons use the ZL button to aim, so you have to use the R alternative to perform Silkbind attacks. (Consumes a Wirebug gauge)



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