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Twournal welcomes unsolicited contributions from experienced journalists, analysts and writers. You should be an authority on the subject you are writing about. Submissions should be original work exclusive to Twournal.com.

We’re looking for articles that take on lifestyle, culture, entertainment, internet trends, self-empowerment and motivation, and other related topics. We don’t publish articles that don’t fit in with our blog’s theme.

Remember, we are a news analysis site. We do not publish commentary or op-eds. The value-added we provide our readers is thorough, accessible explanations of what’s happening in our world and why it matters. You are free to include your opinion in your submissions, but it must be constructive, not polemical.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and style.


  • Length: Articles should be between 800 and 1500 words in length.
  • Style: Please keep the tone analytical and conversational. We are not an academic journal.
  • Citations: Please provide both in-text and link citations for all factual claims and ideas that are derived from the work of others. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.
  • Email us pitches via our contact form: https://twournal.com/contact-us/
  • Include the word “Pitch” at the beginning of your email subject, followed by the topic of your article.
  • In the email body, provide your full name, affiliation, a brief bio, links to previous publications, and a detailed pitch or completed draft.
  • Please do not submit attachments. We will not open any attachments. Copy and paste all material into the text of your email.

Banned Categories:

+ No hate speech – Any content, word, sentence, ideology, phrase, etc. that promotes hate or judgment, abuse and/or violence towards any groups based on race/ethnicity, sexuality/sexual orientation, gender/sex, religion/culture, disability, age, profession, socioeconomic status, language, etc. is fully BANNED. Steer clear away from all of the aforementioned subjects. Just be nice – it’s as simple as that.

+No confidential information – Please avoid posting anything that puts others’ information at risk.

+ No gossip and/or scandal: At Twournal, we do not care who is dating who, we really do not care about who prefers to sleep with who, we do not care who was seen where with who, etc. – LET PEOPLE LIVE THE WAY THEY WANT TO. If they choose to be public about it – great – if they wish to make certain facts about their life public through Twournal – great. But let each person decide that for themselves.

+ No OUTING aspects of anyone’s life they have NOT publicly revealed themselves yet: This part is self-explanatory. If you do not understand it, then you might not be a good match for Twournal. Again, we do not dwell in gossip or scandal.

+ No plagiarism. Again, self-explanatory.