Thursday, December 1, 2022

X-Play’s Adam Sessler and show’s Kevin Pereira attack officially return to G4

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G4 has announced that Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira are officially returning to G4 and hosting the covers of X-Play and Attack of the Show !, respectively. While G4 recently confirmed that X-Play and Attack of the Show would return, it’s the first official confirmation of Sessler and Pereira joining the network.

Sessler was instrumental in relaunching G4, starting with his first teaser from last year. He has since brought Crazy Adam back to launch # G4Needs Talent and Ebeneezer Sess over the holidays. He even did a game review for Cyberpunk 2077. In the new version of X-Play, Sessler will be reviewing games while inviting guests from all games to talk about the industry in general.Kevin Pereira, or Colonel Duckbuckets, is also making a return to Attack of the Show !, in which he was an original actor. G4 also teased that there was “no word from his former co-host, however…” One of Pereira’s co-hosts, Olivia Munn was reportedly in talks to return to the G4 in August 2020.

Along with the return of Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, it was also announced that Ovilee May and Forskurinn will be the first two cast members to air on G4’s official esports lineup. Last week, these two debuted with The Bleep Esports Show for the B4G4 beta campaign.

Sessler, Pereira, Ovilee and Forskurinn all join other G4 hosts as WWE’s Xavier Woods in this network reboot.

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