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Xbox celebrates women in gaming with gaming spotlights, new Minecraft content, and more

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Xbox is celebrating International Women’s Day with a new official blog post from Xbox Women in Gaming Co-Director and Design Director Jennifer Lane. In her article, she looks back on nearly 20 years of game development, including her current work at Forza Motorsport. To celebrate this day (and this month) intended for recognition, she shares some of the ways Xbox celebrates beyond a simple tweet. With a special addition in Minecraft to highlight some very powerful protagonists, here’s how Xbox celebrates women.

As part of a month-long celebration to celebrate women’s history, Xbox is first dedicating a live streaming space to showcase incredible content creators, developers, and even game characters.

First up, we have the Gears 5 Women’s History Month tournament, which takes place on March 13 at 10:30 a.m. PT. It will be a collaboration between, The Coalition and Xbox, and maybe seen here on the official Xbox Twitch channel.

Minecraft is also joining the celebration with a lesson on women’s equality on education and our right to vote. “Minecraft: Education Edition released two new lessons on International Women’s Day, exploring the work of Malala Yousafzai in girls’ education and Emmeline Pankhurst in the quest for women’s suffrage in Victorian Britain, ”the blog read.

World’s Edge – Age of Empires also celebrates with the Queen’s Clash tournament on March 13-14. This tournament will be led by Age of Queens, a group of women from the Age of Empires community, who compete in the name of victory. In addition to the tournament, many women throughout history will have their stories told on the game’s official website! You can learn more on the right here.

Microsoft is also looking to further expand the reach of two beneficial programs: Girls Who Code and Black Girls Rock. According to the latest Xbox article:

  • Girls who code is an organization that values ​​diversity, equity and inclusion as essential to its mission. They aim to inspire, educate and equip girls with the computer skills necessary to become agents of change in their communities.
  • Black Girls Rock is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring, enriching and educating the next generation of young leaders by giving girls the tools to develop their leadership skills, improve academic performance, sharpen critical thinking , promote social awareness and increase civic engagement.

For this month, Microsoft Rewards members can both earn and donate points to the above organizations to support Women in Games. It is also easy to earn these points. Some of the ways include just playing a game using the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, downloading games, etc. For those who may not be a member yet, you can read more about how to join the party. here.

March will also feature curated content that was created by women, leading women as protagonists, and more. Some of the games mentioned throughout the month include Control with Jesse Faden, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider with Billie Lurk, Never Alone with Nuna, and Beyond Eyes following the journey of 10-year-old Rae.

It’s not just games either! Content curated to celebrate this month also includes movies and TV shows, which you can watch here.

A new Women of Xbox UK podcast series is also announced today, which will feature various women from Xbox Game Studios to share tips, experiences and a passion for an industry that continues to evolve year on year.

To learn more about how the Xbox is celebrating International Women’s History Month, be sure to check out the full blog Publish. Feel free to shout out some of your favorite female players, streamers, developers, and characters in the comments section below as well!


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